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Cobb County is now open to the global market!

The first of its kind in the region, Cobb's U.S. Border and Customs Protection facility opened on June 25, 2015. International flights can now land directly in Cobb.

Cobb's first international arrival
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Cobb County International Airport - McCollum Field is a major general aviation reliever airport for Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Located only 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, it is convenient to most business and tourist destinations in the region.

The Airport offers first -class service to both business and pleasure aircraft through its full-service FBO. Pilots will find the longest general aviation runway in the metro Atlanta area at 6,305' long, recently reconstructed with concrete.

A full ILS and new High Intensity Runway Lights will assist the pilot in locating the runway in marginal weather conditions.

Aviation Division Facts:
• Runway 9-27   6,305' x 100' concrete
• Control Tower  (0700-2300 local)
• ILS Runway 27 (200'-3/4 mile)
• 300 aircraft based at airport
Executive Fixed-Base Operator
• Rental Cars Available
• Over 500,000 sq. ft. of hangar space



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Construction Updates (as of February 17)

North Apron and Taxilane Connector Project

The first phase of the four-month project will see the construction of a 350-foot new taxilane connector between the north apron and taxiway A between A1 and A2 to reduce congestion and improve safety of aircraft movements on the north apron. Then work will begin on 6 acres of pavement improvements, including rehabilitating and expanding the north apron between the restaurant and eastward to the control tower.

Crews will continue work to remove and haul off excess dirt from the drainage area in front of the tower and to form water quality ponds.

Phase 2C of the North Apron Project will start Monday, Feb. 20. This portion of Phase 2C consists of the taxilane from the fuel farm north to DLK. Aircraft and vehicle traffic will be restricted Tuesday afternoon until work is completed Thursday evening.

Grading work continues with rock installation on the taxiway to achieve final grade.



MALSF Project

A MALSF is the approach lighting system to be installed on the approach end of Runway 27 (east end of airport). The MALSF consists of a 1,700-foot-long array of lights. The runway lighting is controlled by the air traffic control tower from 0700-2300 and can be switched on by the pilot via radio when the tower is closed. MALSF system will consist of the following light fixture components:

  • 7 light bars each with 5 steady burning white fixtures
  • 5 sequence flashing white fixtures
  • Threshold bar of 18 steady burning green fixtures.

The contractor will begin testing of the MALSF system and making necessary final adjustments. Activation will be pending the completion of the FAA’s final review of the MALSF system.


Airfield Re-Marking and Rubber Removal Project

The State of Georgia has provided notice that the airport’s airfield re-marking and rubber removal project is tentatively funded.

The Airfield Re-Marking and Rubber Removal Project will include the remarking of the runway, all taxiways, and the south apron. Additionally, the contractor will remove the rubber deposit accumulations on the runway touchdown areas. During the 12-day project, four (4) nighttime closures of the runway will be necessary. Each taxiway will be closed during marking operations on the taxiways, but the runway will remain open during taxiway marking operations which will also take place at night.

Every effort will be made to provide as much advance notice as possible, with a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. runway closing.

Contracts have been executed. Application of markings is weather dependent and will be scheduled in the future when the weather is suitable.


Town Center CID Aviation Noonday Creek Trail Park

The Board recently approved a proposal by the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID) to construct an aviation park on airport property. It is to be located at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place Boulevard. The approximately three-acre park concept will serve as an observation area for the public to view aircraft landing and taking off, and will also serve as a trail park for Noonday Creek Trail.

TCCID will secure 100 percent of the design and construction costs for development of the proposed aviation park through a combination of TCCID allocated funding and philanthropic contributions to the Town Center Community Alliance.

The new Zagster Bike Rental operation already on the corner of Barrett Lakes Blvd and Cobb Place Boulevard is currently a very popular rental location.

The Town Center CID is in the process of bidding the construction work for the aviation park. Construction of the aviation park is anticipated to start in April.







Master Plan Update

coverThe Airport Strategic Planning Board continues to review information on the Airport Master Plan Update. The Airport Board will advise the County on an appropriate plan for the future development of the airport. The Master Plan Update includes identifying needs over the next 20 years, evaluating potential development options, and identifying airfield improvements needed to meet FAA development/safety standards. Comments are welcome to

Airport Master Plan Update Highlights to Date
Airport Layout Plan Working Draft
Airport Master Plan Noise Models




Airport Strategic Planning Board
(Airport Advisory Board) Minutes

The 11 Member Airport Advisory Board assists Cobb County and the Cobb County Board of Commissioners (BOC) with the future development and use of the Airport by providing vision and suggestions.


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