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Our Strength is in our Volunteers

Keep Cobb Beautiful is an organization that focuses on beautifying the community and educating the public on the environment. In order to accomplish these goals, our program relies on hard working volunteers that are committed to giving to our community.

Working with volunteers is unique in that many backgrounds, interests and areas of expertise are brought to the table. Keep Cobb Beautiful benefits from the diversity of its volunteers because each of our volunteers contributes something unique. Whether it is business experience or years of working with children, our programs reap the benefits of volunteer expertise. The wide range of skills and interests represented by our volunteers enable Keep Cobb Beautiful to reach a wide range of citizens in the community.

In addition to skills, volunteers contribute by giving of their time. Community programs and events require hours of preparation. Keep Cobb Beautiful is able to grow and expand its programs because volunteers give of their evenings and weekends to ensure the success of events and activities for the community.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time and talents with Keep Cobb Beautiful, please take a moment to fill out our registration form.

Thank you for your interest!