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Cobb County Safety Village Receives Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant

Marietta, GA – August 25, 2017 – The Cobb County Safety Village, today announced it has received a grant for $7,500.00 USD from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. Through the grant, the Cobb County Safety Village will grow its 911 call center educational program inside the Public Safety buildings in a more interactive format.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation awards grants each year to organizations, such as the Cobb County Safety Village, which support and advance public safety programs and technology & engineering education initiatives. This year, programs that served underrepresented populations, including females, people with disabilities and veterans were prioritized.

“Currently, we educate on how to make a 911 call and the four simple questions they need to know. To expand on this, we would like to be able to show the students exactly how the operation of 911 works and what happens when they call in and how the call is routed through fire, police and ambulance service. We can also show the text 911 call routing, text-specific situations to use and the pertinent information if they could only send one text. We would also review with the students the difference between Emergency and Non-emergency situations and calling 911 to report on both,” said Safety Village Director Allison Carter.

This grant will help provide the furniture, computers and other various 911 equipment used for static displays along with the devices to run the videos.

The Motorola Foundation was instrumental in helping get the Safety Village’s Interactive Public Safety, Fire and Police and 911 call center constructed along with several other supporters.

This year, Motorola Solutions Foundation grants will support programs that help over 2 million students, teachers, first responders, and community members across the United States. Each participant will receive an average of 186 programming hours from its partner non-profit organizations and institutions. Programs will support special populations including: females, underrepresented minorities, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, people with disabilities, and veterans.

“Motorola Solutions Foundation is proud to support the work of the Cobb County Safety Village.  As a leading technology company that supports the safety of communities worldwide, we know how important it is to educate tomorrow’s technology professionals as well as enlighten civilians and first responders on today’s safety needs,” said Matt Blakely, executive director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

For additional information on the Motorola Solutions Foundation grants program, visit: and for more information on the Cobb County Safety Village please visit

About the Cobb County Safety Village

The Cobb County Safety Village Foundation, Inc. 501(c)3 believes that education is the key to reducing risk and protecting our community. By reaching out to all residents, we can teach important safety techniques, provide guidance on crime prevention, and, most importantly, involve residents in hands-on learning experience.

The Safety Village facility does more than just present safety information; it teaches and trains participants how to react when faced with dangerous situations.

Our vision is a sustainable Cobb County Safety Village that builds a safer community through advocacy and education.

About Motorola Solutions Foundation

The Motorola Solutions Foundation is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions. With employees located around the globe, Motorola Solutions seeks to benefit the communities where it operates. The foundation achieves this by making strategic grants, forging strong community partnerships and fostering innovation. The Motorola Solutions Foundation focuses its funding on public safety, disaster relief, employee programs and education, especially in science, technology, engineering and math. For more information on Motorola Solutions Corporate and Foundation giving, visit our website: