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On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners voted to establish an annual membership fee for seniors using any Cobb County senior center. Please call 770-528-5355 or email with questions not addressed below.

*You must have a valid 2018 Cobb Senior Services membership BEFORE you may register for or participate in any class or activity taking place on or after Feb 1, 2018.


Cobb resident: $60/year

 Non-resident: $90/year

You may create your yearly membership beginning Thursday, January 4 online at or by visiting any Cobb County senior center.  Cash, check and credit cards (MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Discover) are acceptable forms of payment.

·         Included in the yearly membership are free evidence-based health programs such as Cooking Matters, Matter of Balance, etc., access to the workout facilities and free coffee. Exercise and art classes are not included.

·         If you can’t afford the membership fee, call 770-528-5355 to discuss possible options. You must be within the federal poverty guidelines for consideration.


Registration for winter 2018 classes begins Monday, January 22 for Cobb residents and Non-residents; there will not be a separate registration week for Non-residents. Both in-person registration & online registration will begin at 9:00 am. There will no longer be a separate time for persons registering at the center versus persons registering online.

Class fees remain the same through March 31st; however, the new fee structure for courses will be in place for classes starting in April.  Please see fee schedule available at each senior center.

 Q & A

**This page will be updated as we receive questions. Thank you for your patience.

1. Why is membership being instituted?

The Citizens Oversight Committee brought together county citizens to look at the overall operations of the county and address areas where we could build sustainability and augment services. The goals were to assess organizational structure, review revenues and expenses, establish service priorities, evaluate budget options and make recommendations.

Pages 12-15 Executive Summary; 104-105 Senior Services Recommendations

2. When does membership begin?

CSS membership begins February 1, 2018. Your membership will be valid for one year from date of enrollment.  You may create your membership beginning Thursday, January 4.

 3. How do I become a member?

There are two (2) easy ways to create your membership:

A.    You may register at a Cobb County senior center in person, at which time you will receive your membership card.

B.     You may register online at; however, you must bring your printed transaction receipt to a senior center in order to receive your membership card. No membership cards will be mailed.

C.     Members will be charged $5 for a replacement card.

 4. I currently have an Aquatics membership card with Cobb PARKS; will I get a new card with the CSS membership?

No. You will not receive a new membership card when obtaining a CSS membership. The two (2) memberships will be attached to the card originally assigned through PARKS, and vice versa.

5. Is there a discount for couples?

No. There will not be a discount for couples; each person will need a CSS membership.

6. Will everything be free once I become a member?

No. Some activities will be free, such as Cooking Matters and Matter of Balance classes, etc., access to the workout facilities and coffee. However, some activities will have an assessed cost, such as Bingo, cooking classes, parties, etc. Resident & Non-resident fees will apply.

7. Do I have to pay for events/classes/trips in addition to the membership?

Yes. Classes/events/trips for which there is a charge will be in addition to the CSS membership.  Resident/Non-resident rates apply.

8. Is my membership valid at all the senior centers?

Yes. Your CSS membership is valid at any Cobb County senior center.

9. Do first-time visitors (in-county or out of county) have to become a member?

No. Visitors will be able to use a guest pass which is valid for a one-time use. Guest passes are non-transferable and participation in ongoing classes are not included with a guest pass.

10. Do occasional participants, i.e. those who come to play pool or card players, have to become a member?

Yes. Your membership fee will depend upon your residency status.

 11. Do I need to be a member if I only want to take the trips?

No. However, if you are not a member, you (and any escort) will be charged the Non-resident fee to participate in the trips. Members receive a 10% discount on trips.

12. If I pay my membership at a particular senior center, will the funds stay at that center?

No. Membership fees will be utilized according to center needs. Funds raised by the “Friends of” groups will be utilized to enhance programs and services at that particular center. 

13. I am a member of the Senior Citizen Council so do I still need a CSS membership?

Yes. Your CSS membership is not related to your Senior Citizen Council membership.  


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