Cobb County Government

New Registration System for Cobb PARKS

Starting January 3rd, 2018 Cobb PARKS will transition to a new registration system called CivicRec. Beginning Dec. 27 a link will be available on the parks home page ( to log into CivicRec using your email address that was used in the previous registration system (Active Net). 

Accounts from Active Net that were active (used since 2016) will be transferred into our new system (CivicRec). If you did not have an account or it was not active since 2016 you will need to create a new account. Those individuals who have accounts that transfer into CivicRec will need to reset their password prior to using CivicRec (just click on forgot password and proceed with the email address associated to the account and you will be able to assign a new password for CivicRec). If an account does not transfer into CivicRec or you need to create a new account you will also be able to do so with the link that will be provided on December 27th.

Be sure you are prepared for winter program registrations by updating your account passwords. Don't be left out in the cold! If you need assistance, contact your closest parks program facility.