Cobb County Government

Water care prevents public problems


This year Georgia celebrated Water Professionals Appreciation Day in May.  Cobb County Water System invites you to celebrate with us by learning about safe drinking water, responsible household practices and pollution prevention.

In Cobb, we have four water reclamation facilities. Unless you’re on septic, your wastewater is treated at one of these facilities. Your local treatment facility employees work hard to ensure your drinking water is safe and your wastewater is treated to remove solids, reduce pollutants and restore oxygen.
Cobb County Water System is also responsible for water mains, pumps, hydrants and meters. After the water meter, the water and plumbing is the responsibility of the property owner. There are several things you can do to prevent contamination and plumbing problems. 

  • Check your water pressure. Water pressure over 80 psi can rupture pipes and cause water loss.  
  • Beware of FOG: fats, oils and grease. These build up in the pipes over time and lead to blockages and backups in homes, businesses, and the environment. Prevent FOG by using sink strainers, and placing excess food scraps and FOG in the trash. Solids such as wipes and rags can contribute to clogs as well.
  • Keep in mind, not all products that market themselves as flushable disintegrate in water. Unless it disintegrates in the water, it can lead to a clog, so place these items in the trash.  Never flush personal wipes or paper towels.
  • Even with our rigorous treatment process, dissolved and diluted materials can pass through the treatment plant and make its way into the environment.Examples include pharmaceuticals and personal care products, which should never be flushed down the drains.  Instead of purchasing items in bulk, buy small quantities of these products to limit waste and expiration of products.  Also purchase environmentally friendly products when applicable.

Learn more about water and wastewater through our Water and Wastewater 101 program and Eco-Logical Water 101 and Wastewater 101 videos, located on our web site, under education.