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Pictures and facts were taken from "Heartsaver FACTS", a publication produced by the American Heart Association.



WATER - The Sixth Essential Nutrient

There are six essential nutrients that each person should incorporate in their daily diet. These include water, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy products, and fats. Water, ironically, is the nutrient that people name last, but it is the most important nutrient in terms of our survival. If we abstain from all six nutrients, we will die first from dehydration. Water is involved in maintaining a safe pH(acid/base) balance and many metabolic functions.

Emergency Medical Procedures

Every year 250,000 adult Americans die from cardiac arrest. The key to surviving a heart attack is based on the "Chain of Survival." Early defibrillation and advanced care are paramount. When you see a possible heart attack victim CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and then begin CPR.


If someone is choking you should CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait, hoping that the object will clear. Our Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians would much rather arrive on the scene and be no longer needed than to arrive with someone in cardiac arrest due to a blocked airway. Remember these facts next time you witness a possible choking: