Cobb County Government

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the future land use of a particular area?
Future land Use designations can be obtained on the Cobb County website at Geographic Information Systems. Also, information can be obtained in the Comprehensive Plan which is located at 2030 Comprehensive Plan details.
How can I get information on current or past studies that have been conducted?
Corridor studies and small area master plans provide neighborhood scaled detail on specific areas of Cobb County. Information is available on current and past studies on the Master Plan / Corridor Studies page.
How do I apply for a Conservation Easement?
Conservation Easement information and easement templates can be obtained in the Planning Division, please call 770-528-2018.
Is my house, land, or building historic?
To find out information on locally designated historic areas or properties please call the Historic Preservation Planner at 770-528-2010.