Cobb County Government

ADR Office

ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is a means of settling legal disputes in lieu of often costly and time-consuming civil court trials.  ADR allows you to control your own disputes and resolve the problem yourself, rather than having a judge and/or jury decide it for you.  Two types of ADR are available for civil and domestic cases filed in Cobb County Superior Court.

Drug Lab

fridgeThe Cobb County Drug Screening Lab is an independent, on-site laboratory, specializing in providing comprehensive and quality testing service for the Cobb County judicial complex and support agencies.

Guardian Ad Litem

The Guardian Ad Litem is a trained professional appointed by the court to represent the best interests of minor children in disputed custody cases. These Guardians investigate the various aspects of the case by interviewing the children, the parents, and others who may have an interest in the resolution of the custody dispute.

Interpreter Program

interpreter2The Superior Court Interpreters Program provides interpreters to protect the rights of non-English speaking people involved as parties or witnesses in legal proceedings in the Court.

Law Library

lawlibrary1The Cobb County Law Library provides legal information and information services to the Judiciary, attorneys, paralegals, self-represented litigants and the general public.