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Cobb County DOT is working in partnership with the Cumberland Community Improvement District and other organizations on a number of projects to improve Cumberland area roadways. Learn more about each project below.



Bob Callan Multi-Use Trail

The Bob Callan Trunk Trail, Phase II, Segments A & B will improve pedestrian access and allow connectivity for alternative modes of transportation via the addition of approximately 2.1 miles of trail between the existing Bob Callan trailhead on Interstate N Parkway and Terrell Mill Road.

Scheduled Completion Date (Phase II, Segment A): 1/14/19
Percent Complete as of April 2017: 13%


Circle 75 Drainage Repair

This project lined three 96” stormwater pipes that were in poor condition and added an overflow pipe for storm events. The repair was completed in summer 2016.


Circle 75 at Herodian Way

This project consisted of intersection improvements on Circle 75 Parkway at Herodian Way, including the addition of a traffic signal and left turn lanes. The improvements were substantially completed in March 2017.

Cobb Parkway at I-285 Eastbound Ramp

The project consisted of operational improvements to Cobb Parkway/U.S. 41 at the I-285 eastbound off-ramp intersection, including widening the existing shoulder of the I-285 off-ramp to create a third right turn lane. Construction began in summer 2016 and was completed in October 2016.

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Construction Plans

Cobb Parkway at I-285 Westbound Ramp and Spring Road/Circle 75 Parkway

Operational improvements included widening the existing dual left turn lanes from northbound Cobb Parkway to westbound Spring Road to create triple left turn lanes. The turn lanes on the I-285 westbound ramp were lengthened, and an additional barrier separated turn lane from the I-285 westbound off-ramp to Circle 75 Parkway was added. The project also included construction of 8-foot to 12-foot-wide sidewalks. Construction began in April 2016 and was substantially completed in March 2017.

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Cobb Parkway at Windy Hill Road

Improvements include the addition of dual left turn lanes and queue jumper lanes for transit vehicles on the north and south legs of Cobb Parkway. Dual southbound right turn lanes on the north leg of Cobb Parkway also will be included.

The project will lengthen the existing dual left turn lanes, add a right turn lane on the west leg of Windy Hill Road and add a third northbound lane on Cobb Parkway exiting to Terrell Mill Road.

View project photos, updates, costs and downloads on the Windy Hill Road project page.

Construction began in 2016 and is expected to be completed in spring 2018.

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Cumberland Boulevard Bridgescape over I-75

This 400-foot structural project will remove the existing chain link fence along the Cumberland Boulevard Bridge and replace it with ornamental fencing on both sides. The unique structure will incorporate three 20-foot arches on the south side of the bridge.

This decorative, visual gateway will welcome motorists traveling along I-75 and create a distinct identity for the Cumberland CID.

Visit the Cumberland CID project page.

Lane closures on Cumberland Boulevard and I-75 anticipated.

Bridgescape Rendering


Cumberland Boulevard Improvements

This project will widen Cumberland Boulevard between Akers Mill Road and Cumberland Parkway to three lanes in the westbound direction. Turn lane improvements will be made at the intersection of Cumberland Boulevard and Cumberland Parkway.


East Cobb Pipeline Projects (CCMWA)

The East Cobb Pipeline Project is replacing 6.1 miles of 50+ year-old pipes with larger pipes from Terrell Mill Road just north of Haverford Lane to Powers Ferry Road; Powers Ferry Road at Terrell Mill Road to Cobb Parkway/U.S. 41; and Indian Hills Parkway and Cover Drive, along Lower Roswell Road, to Terrell Mill Road just north of Haverford Lane.

I-285 at Atlanta Road (GDOT)

This project will modify the existing interchange at I-285 and Atlanta Road by replacing the twin bridges with a wider and longer bridge. Bike lanes and turn lanes will be added on Atlanta Road in both directions to improve the flow of traffic.

I-285 Multiuse Bridge

The I-285 multiuse bridge from the Galleria Centre to the SunTrust Park provides access to commercial, residential and entertainment options that cater to residents and patrons year-round in the Cumberland area.

Interstate North Parkway at Interstate North Circle

This project will realign Interstate North Parkway at Interstate North Circle to facilitate daily traffic onto the Circle rather than the Parkway. This shift in traffic will move commuters away from SunTrust Park traffic and pedestrian activities.

Lanes on Interstate North Parkway will be reduced to allow a wide multi-use pedestrian and bicycle facility from the Weather Channel on the south to the Marriott on the north.

Construction will begin in September 2016. Completion is expected in March 2018.

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Interstate North Parkway West

As part of the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) project, a .20 mile section of the northbound lane of Interstate North Parkway West is permanently closed, and a roundabout is being constructed. This circular intersection will reduce traffic speed and improve safety and efficiency.

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Northwest Corridor (I-75) Express Lanes (GDOT)

The Georgia Department of Transportation Northwest Corridor project will improve travel in the I-75/I-575 corridor by adding 29.7 miles of toll lanes along I-75 from Akers Mill Road to Hickory Grove Road and along I-575 from I-75 to Sixes Road.

Two Express lanes will be built to the west of the existing lanes along I-75 between I-285 and I-575. From that interchange, one express lane will be added along I-75 north to Hickory Grove Road, and one express lane will be added along I-575 to Sixes Road.

Construction began in October 2014 and is expected to be completed in summer 2018.

Spring Road (City of Smyrna)

This City of Smyrna Spring Road project, from U.S. 41 to Bell Drive, includes widening the existing five-lane roadway to three lanes in each direction with a 20” raised median. The Spring Road multi-use path will be extended from the Spring Road intersection with Cumberland Boulevard on the east side of U.S.

Windy Hill Boulevard (City of Smyrna)

The proposed project consists of reconstructing the existing five-lane roadway between South Cobb Drive and Atlanta Road with a boulevard section that will accommodate vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit traffic.

Windy Hill Road Diverging Diamond Interchange

The Windy Hill Road Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), substantially completed in spring 2017, decreases traffic congestion and accident rates at the ramp intersections of Windy Hill Road and I-75 by decreasing the conflict points. The Federal Highway Administration estimates 650 left turns can be made per hour via the DDI, nearly twice the number in a conventional left turn.


Windy Hill Road – Terrell Mill Road Connector

This project will construct a new roadway beginning at the intersection of Windy Hill Road with Spectrum Circle, continuing north to the intersection of Terrell Mill Road and Bentley Road, a half mile from the future Managed Lanes Interchange at I-75 and Terrell Mill Road.