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Peach Roads logoCobb County DOT is committed to improving the quality of our transportation infrastructure in ways that minimize impacts to the environment, including the depletion of irreplaceable resources.

In 2010, to recognize transportation project designs, operations and maintenance practices that incorporate a high level of environmental sustainability, DOT implemented PEACH "Preserving Environment And Community Heritage" Roads, a transportation environmental rating program.




What is PEACH Roads?

“Sustainability” is commonly understood to describe any human use of resources that does not exhaust those resources. As we improve safety and mobility in Cobb County, transportation sustainability at Cobb DOT is a philosophy that ensures we:

How does certification work?

PEACH Roads is a self-certification program that distinguishes transportation projects and operations based on the extent to which they incorporate sustainable choices. This is primarily an internal management program for Cobb DOT to measure our performance, recognize good practices, and identify where we need to improve.

Contact Information

As the PEACH Roads program continues to evolve and grow, Cobb DOT looks forward to your suggestions to improve this program. Please send any comments to the PEACH Roads Program Manager:

Cobb County Department of Transportation
PEACH Roads Program Manager
1890 County Services Parkway
Marietta, GA 30008