Cobb County Government

Road Closure Alerts Find out about the latest road closures and detours. Click on the detour maps to find the exact construction locations.
Traffic Cameras View Traffic Cameras and Live Streaming Video at over 40 locations throughout Cobb County.
Cobb Traffic Counts Cobb County Department of Transportation collects and maintains a traffic count database for most roads within the County. The Traffic Count Map, launched through the County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) portal, includes counts taken from the last 3-4 years and is periodically updated. The counts are the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) which is a 24-hour count of vehicles for both directions of travel.
Project Updates Learn more about the various roadway and bridge projects happening right now throughout Cobb County. Concept maps, fact sheets and contact information are available for most projects.



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I see video cameras at some intersections around the County; what are they for and does the County record and keep images?

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