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Five local veterans to graduate from Cobb County Veterans Treatment Court

(Marietta, Ga. – Oct. 5)  Five veteran participants are scheduled to graduate from the Cobb County Veterans Court during a 9 a.m. ceremony on Friday, Oct. 13, in the Cobb County Superior Court building, 70 Haynes St., Marietta. With mentors by their sides, these veterans will seek to continue turning what once seemed like dismal paths into very bright futures for themselves and their families.    

“On average, one veteran is arrested daily in Cobb County,” VTC Presiding Judge Reuben Green said. “Many of these veterans have sacrificed greatly for our country and are suffering from post-service issues that have not been addressed or treated."

This will be the fourth graduating class of successful veterans, bringing a total of 15 local participants who have completed the 18-month intensive treatment program. The Cobb County VTC began June 13, 2014, joining a nationwide surge of accountability courts specifically tailored for veterans, addressing issues of post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and other mental health issues via counseling, job training and additional needed services to achieve success.

The court’s mission is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism, alleviate the tax burden of incarcerating law-breaking veterans by assisting participants to become productive taxpayers instead of inmates, provide intensive case management to address mental health issues and offer the familiarity of structure and accountability, similar to what they encountered during military service. An estimated 774,464 veterans reside in Georgia, with 47,000 of them living in Cobb County. Locally, 4,500 active duty/reservists are assigned to Dobbins Air Reserve Base.   

According to data collected from the Department of Veteran Affairs, more than 39 veterans attempt to commit suicide daily and 20 a day take their lives nationwide. About 70 percent of veterans who took their own lives did not access services provided by the VA which could have possibly prevented a majority of these suicides. The tragic daily deaths of 20 veterans is potentially a number that is under-reported, since many of these veterans were embarrassed or unwilling to report their veteran status prior to ending their lives.  

Together with the Atlanta VA, Cobb County VTC participants receive alcohol and drug treatment in Decatur and are given additional treatment locally via WestCare on Roswell Street. When a participant is stable in his or her recovery and treatment, the assigned VTC team addresses other issues which hinde r an enrollee’s success, such as unemployment, lack of stable housing, the need for continuing education or the benefits of family counseling.  

One of the most unique aspects of the VTC is the Mentor Program. Each VTC participant is paired with a veteran who understands the challenges encountered by his or her assigned veteran to succeed in the program and graduate. VTC mentors must be honorably-discharged from military service, have no prior criminal record and be willing to commit to the duration of assisting a minimum of one veteran for the entirety of the 18-month VTC program.

For more information, please contact Flynn Broady at 770-528-7988 or


Deadline arrives to register for upcoming city and special elections

The last day to register or update your address in order to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7, is Tuesday, Oct. 10. Register online at
On Nov. 7 several of Cobb’s municipalities will be electing city offices and a special election has been called for a State Senate District:


Voters Impacted






Wards 1, 2, 4 & 5 
(Some voters in Ward 7 may be in the Special Election district)
(No election in Wards 3 & 6)

Powder Springs

Ward 3 Only
(No election in Wards 1 & 2)


Ward 3 Only
(Some voters in other Wards may be in the Special Election district)

Special Election


A Special Election has been called for:

  • Georgia Senate District 6(to replace Hunter Hill who resigned)
18 Precincts - (Smyrna/Vinings area)

This is not a countywide election, only certain voters are eligible.
To find out if you are eligible to vote on Nov. 7, contact the Cobb County Elections office at 770-528-2581.
If you need additional information go to

Statement from Cobb County Police Department

(Aug. 30 - Marietta, Ga.)  Late Friday afternoon, Aug. 25, Police Chief Mike Register received information from a dashboard video recording of a Cobb County police officer making inappropriate racial comments during a routine traffic stop in July 2016. Once this information was received and the comments recorded on the video were confirmed, the officer was immediately placed on administrative duties, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“No matter what the context, statements like these are unacceptable and are not indicative of the type of culture we are trying to facilitate here in the police department, as well as within the county,” Chief Register said.

In addition, Chairman Mike Boyce said, “I have seen the video and obviously have great concerns. I find the comments on the video repugnant and offensive beyond measure. I have personally spoken with Mrs. Deane Bonner of the Cobb NAACP and Ben Williams, chairman of the Cobb chapter of the SCLC and expressed my deep disappointment about this behavior. I have been assured that we will take quick and decisive action."

For additional information regarding this press release, please contact Sgt. Dana Pierce, Cobb County Police Department PIO, at 770-499-3910.


Announcing a Proposed Property Tax Increase

(Marietta Ga. – July 3) The Cobb County Board of Commissioners today announces its intention to increase the property taxes it will levy this year, over the rollback millage rate, by 10.20 percent in the County Maintenance & Operations (General) Fund.

Each year, the Board of Tax Assessors is required by Georgia law to review the assessed value for property tax purposes of taxable property in the county. When the trend of prices on properties that have recently sold in the county indicate there has been an increase or decrease in the fair market value of any specific property, the board of tax assessors is required by law to re-determine the value of such property and adjust the assessment. This is called a reassessment.

When the total digest of taxable property is prepared, Georgia law requires that a “rollback” millage rate must be computed according to specific instructions issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue. This hypothetical “rollback” millage rate would have produced the same total tax revenue on the current year’s digest that last year’s millage rate would have produced had no reassessments occurred.

The continued recovery of the Cobb real estate market is the primary reason for this modest growth in property values and this corresponding increase in the county’s property tax digest.

The fiscal year 2017 proposed millage is higher than the recently computed "rollback" millage rate. Therefore, before the Cobb County Board of Commissioners may set the final 2017 millage rates, Georgia law requires that three public hearings be held to allow the public an opportunity to express their opinions on the increase.

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners is proposing the property tax millage rate of the General Fund be set at 6.89; the Fire millage rate at 2.96; the Debt Service (Bond Fund) millage at 0.13; the Cumberland Special Services District II millage rate at 2.41, and the Six Flags Special Service District millage rate at 3.50. State law requires the county to advertise a “Tax Increase” in the press and on the county’s website.

All residents are invited to the public hearings on this tax increase to be held at the Board of Commissioners meeting room located at 100 Cherokee St., Marietta, on Monday, July 10, at 6:30 p.m.; Tuesday, July 11, at 9 a.m. and on Tuesday, July 25 at 7 p.m.

The Board of Commissioners will adopt the 2017 Property Tax Millage Rates for its five tax districts (General, Fire, Debt Service, Cumberland Special Services District II, and Six Flags Special Services District) following the third public hearing at the BOC Meeting on Tuesday, July 25 at 7 p.m.

Cobb appoints and swears-in new chief of police

(Marietta Ga. – June 12) On the recommendation of County Manager Rob Hosack, the Cobb Board of Commissioners voted to appoint Michael Register as chief of police during today's meeting. He was sworn-in by Department of Public Safety Director Sam Heaton. Register was joined by his wife Keisha (pictured), his former deputy chiefs from Clayton County (pictured) and his new deputy chiefs from Cobb (not pictured).

"I'm very honored to return to Cobb County as the chief of police, and look forward to leading this great department into the future," Register said.

He has more than 30 years of operational and supervisory law enforcement experience. He most recently served as the chief of police for the Clayton County Police Department. He worked for Cobb's Police Department from 1986 to 2005, serving in many tactical, operational and leadership positions, including assistant academy director and assistant SWAT and tactical team commander.

Register has also managed a law enforcement, operational and intelligence program at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and serves on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Legislative Committee as co-chair and is a board member for Safe America. He also served in the U.S. Army Special Forces for 22 years, including combat operations in Afghanistan.

Register is working on his doctoral dissertation in public administration and policy, with an emphasis in terrorism and conflict analysis and resolution. He earned a master’s degree in public administration from Columbus State University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and international finance from Liberty University. Register also attended Northwestern University’s nationally-recognized Police Staff and Command School and the Georgia Command College. He is an adjunct professor at Columbus State in the areas of strategic planning, management and leadership.

Register replaces Chief John Houser, who retired in January after serving Cobb County for 35 years.