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Bob Ott works for Delta Air Lines as an international and domestic pilot. He is also the president and owner of DBO Software. Ott has served in the U.S. Air Force and as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher.Read more ...



A Message to East Cobb

I, along with the rest of the Board of Commissioners, am especially grateful to Friends for the East Cobb Park. You may have read in the newspaper that this nonprofit group contributed to make up for a shortfall in County funds needed to close this purchase. The final figure isn’t available just yet but is expected to be over $100,000. You’ll recall that this is the group of community volunteers who raised over $1 million to purchase the original 13-acres of the East Cobb Park almost 20 years ago. This is a very unique public/private partnership that we are all very proud of. The Friends group once again stepped up to assist so that the east Cobb community’s much-loved park can literally double in size. What wasn’t in the paper is that these funds came from an endowment fund established over 15 years ago from a generous grant matched by funds that the group raised. Interest from this endowment has been used over the years to make various improvements to the park. The Friends group, with the assistance of the Cobb Community Foundation where the fund is held, received permission to utilize some of the principal from the account to cover this shortfall, with a promise to launch a new fundraising campaign to raise money to replenish the fund. 
The board of Friends for the East Cobb Park is planning to launch a new fundraising campaign, and you can soon learn more about it on their website  It’s my hope that the east Cobb community will rise to the occasion and consider participating in the campaign. Remember that the community will one day have the opportunity to purchase the remaining acreage, and any funds raised over and above the amount needed to restore the endowment fund will be earmarked to assist with this potential purchase down the road. I have heard from many, many of you over the years regarding the Tritt property, and now the east Cobb community will have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project. I have personally pledged $1,000 to the campaign, and challenge each of you to consider how you and your family can help. To make a tax-deductible contribution please make your check payable to “Friends for the East Cobb Park” and mail it to P.O. Box 6313 Marietta, Georgia 30065.
I’ll continue to provide updates in my newsletter and look forward to seeing a long list of supporters!

Board PowerPoint Presentation

Request for minor zoning modifications

Here is the request for minor modifications that require my sign-off in a zoning case for Beech Haven Self Storage. Please review and provide any feedback you may have in the next week. Please download page 1 and page 2 of map for more information.

Beginning in May, all requests for minor modifications and District 2 commissioner sign-offs on zoning cases will be posted on the website with a notification in the weekly newsletter. This will allow you and your neighbors the opportunity to review the request and to see what changes are being proposed and to provide feedback to Commissioner Ott. He will review the feedback that has been provided, make possible changes and will sign the document the following week

JOSH: Johnson Ferry/Shallowford Road Small Area Study Underway

Three community meetings are held to engage the public in defining problems and concerns, and identifying their desires for the future of the JOSH community. The last public meeting was held on Monday, May 8. It’s not too late to participate! Complete the Image Preference Survey administered by the Planning Division on May 8.

JOSH is a small area plan centered on the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Roads. It will be administered and facilitated by a team consisting of staff from the Planning Division of Cobb County Community Development, the Cobb County Department of Transportation, Cobb P.A.R.K.S, and the Stormwater Division of the Cobb County Water System. The purpose of JOSH is to provide guidance to the Board of Commissioners regarding policy and decisions pertaining to land use, design guidelines, parks and greenspace facilities, and infrastructure. The JOSH plan will supplement the Cobb 2040 Comprehensive Plan, and is in response to current and anticipated development/redevelopment trends in the area.

Learn more about the plan on the Planning Division's Research section.

Minor Modification Z-90(2016)


I understand from the Zoning Division that a minor modification request related to a small townhome development off Paces Mill has been forwarded to you for review and possible approval. We rezoned the property for this client in 2016, and I understand the request is to extend a front retaining wall by 3’, due to site design and conditions. I am not aware of any issues, but due to the “site specific” zoning, the Zoning Division referred this request to you for approval. For reference, I have attached a zoning certification letter for the property, which includes a copy of the site plan approved at zoning. Additionally, I have attached the information from the applicant relative to the wall.

This project is located just down the street from Old Vinings Inn for your reference. From everything I can tell, the project is very well done.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kevin Moore
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