Cobb County Government

Since its founding in 1832, the county has become a significant part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, and offers many charming communities, top-performing schools, low property taxes, parks and recreational facilities, and an ever-growing business community. It is the third largest county in Georgia, with an estimated population of 717,190.



Facts About Cobb County

***Note: This information is out of date!***

  • Current census population estimate – 698,158
  • Projected Per Capita Income for 2008 is $43,946 (**)
  • 2008 – Among the highest median household income in the state: $ 67,877
  • Estimated Annual Retail Sales for 2009: $12.4 Billion down from $14.3 Billion in 2008

Top 25 Employers

***Note: This information is out of date!***

The Office of Economic Development once a year updates a list reflecting the top 25 employers in Cobb County ranked by number of employees working in Cobb. Below is the as of December 31,2009.

Census Statistics: Economic Status

Sources: (1) FDIC (2) GA DOL (3) Woods & Poole Economics Projected (4) Cobb County Chamber of Commerce (5) Cobb County Office of Economic Development (6) Atlanta Journal Constitution (7) US Census Bureau

Motor Vehicles and Roads

Miles of County Roads

Miles of road resurfaced: 91.82
Miles of road: 3,256 (not including private roads)
County streets: 2,404
Miles of sidewalk: 1,174

Motor Vehicle registrations based on numbers from January-December 2011:

2010 - 681,339 (Jan - Dec '10)
2011 - 695,116 (Jan - Dec '11)
2012 - 713,634 (Jan - Dec '12)

School Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 44% of the population holds a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

Cobb County School District has 112 schools and is the second largest school system in Georgia with 107,681 students enrolled in K-12 as of October 2012.

Cobb County School District is the 24th largest school system in the United States. The City of Marietta school system has 12 schools with over 8,000 students enrolled.

Tourism Dollars

Tourism Dollars for 2010: $1,219.11 million(s)
Tourism Dollars for 2011: $1,315.80 million(s)

As a result, tourism:

  • Supported 15,700 jobs
  • Created $53.76 million in state tax revenues
  • Generated $37.06 million in local tax revenues
  • On an average day in Cobb, visitors spent $3.604 million on tourism-related expenses.

2005 SPLOST Update

*Information valid as of December 2012

The Department of Transportation continued working towards completion of the 2005 SPLOST, which included a six-year collection period ending in December 2011.

  • 299 of 310 projects have started construction
  • 287 projects are complete
  • 9 projects valued at nearly $8.3 million were bid for construction in 2012
  • Anticipate constructing a portion of the 18 deferred projects from savings from completed projects

2011 SPLOST Update

* Information as of December 2012

Collections for the four-year 2011 SPLOST began on January 1, 2012. DOT hit the ground running and is ahead of schedule for delivering the projects in this program.

  • Engineering/Design has started on 97 of the 140 indentified projects
  • Construction has begun on 39 projects
  • 22 projects are complete