Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-15. - Ferrets.

European ferrets, mustela putorius furo, may be sold, purchased, exhibited, or held as pets, provided that the ferret owner can provide valid documentation that the ferret was sexually spayed or neutered prior to seven months of age and is vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian with a properly administered vaccine approved for use on ferrets by the United States Department of Agriculture.

(Ord. of 5-24-05)

Sec. 10-3. - Interpretation of chapter.

(a) Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted or applied so as to create any power or duty in conflict with the preemptive effect of any federal or state law.

(b) Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted or applied so as to create any liability on the part of county, or any employee, board or official which enforces or fails to enforce any of the provisions provided in this chapter or any provisions in the state dangerous dog law.

(Ord. of 9-23-80, § 3; Ord. of 6-11-85; Ord. of 10-24-89; Code 1977, § 3-5-3; Ord. of 5-24-05)

Sec. 10-36. - Animal control unit; unit commander; dog control officer; animal control officers; humane officers.

(a) Animal control unit. There is hereby created the county animal control unit, which shall have primary responsibility for animal control and welfare in the county.

(b) Appointment of unit. The unit manager of the animal control unit shall be appointed by the appropriate appointing authority. The unit manager may also be designated by the board of health as the official rabies control officer for the county.

Sec. 10-37. - Fees.

(a) The fees with respect to all services performed in connection with enforcement of this chapter shall be set by the board of commissioners from time to time. A copy of such fee schedule shall be posted at the headquarters of the CCAC and may be changed at any time and from time to time as determined by the board of commissioners.

Sec. 10-5. - Jurisdiction and interlocal agreement

The jurisdiction for enforcement of this chapter shall be in the unincorporated area of the county; however, the county may contract or enter into agreements with other municipalities to enforce this chapter for joint animal control services or for the provision of animal control services and for the separate or joint use of personnel, facilities and equipment for such services. Such agreements or contracts shall be subject to any state law, which may govern.

(Ord. of 10-24-89; Code 1977, § 3-5-3.2; Ord. of 5-24-05)

Sec. 10-51. - Membership.

(a) The Cobb County Animal Control Board shall consist of the following: One member of the Humane Society of Cobb County board of directors or its designee (post 1); three interested citizens who have interest in domestic animals (posts 2, 3, 4); two veterinarians, at least one of whom shall be a member of the Cobb County Veterinary Medical Society (posts 5, 6); and one citizen chosen by the chairman of the board of commissioners (post 7).

Sec. 10-52. - Powers and duties.

(a) In addition to such other powers and duties as may be set forth in this chapter, the animal control board shall have the power and duty to:

  • (1) Hold hearings and recommend to the board of commissioners regulations and amendments to this chapter concerning the control and welfare of animals in the county.

Sec. 10-6. - Interference with animal control officer.

It shall be unlawful to interfere with any animal control officer by taking or attempting to take any animal from any vehicle used to transport such animal, or by taking or attempting to take any animal from the animal control impounding areas, or by any other method which would block or hinder any officer referred to in this section from performing his duties.

(Ord. of 9-23-80, § 24; Ord. of 6-11-85; Ord. of 10-24-89; Code 1977, § 3-5-22; Ord. of 5-24-05)

Sec. 10-66. - Impoundment of animals found running at large; notice to owner.

(a) Subject to the state dangerous dog control law and the provisions of this chapter relating to rabies control and the rules and regulations of the board of health and this chapter, any animal found running at large or otherwise engaged in any activity or existing in a condition prohibited by this chapter or by the state dangerous dog control law shall be taken and impounded at the animal shelter.

Sec. 10-67. - Period of impoundment or confinement.

(a) All periods specified in this section shall be deemed to commence at 12:01 a.m. of the day following the day of impoundment or confinement.

(b) Other than those dogs confiscated under sections 10-13(b), 10-13(c), 10-97, or 10-121 through 10-121.18, all impounded animals shall be kept at the animal shelter for a period of not less than five working days unless redeemed within such period.

Sec. 10-68. - Redemption; abandonment.

(a) The owner of any impounded animal may regain possession of the animal upon payment of all applicable fees specified in section 10-37 and compliance with the terms of this chapter. Such redemption shall not affect any criminal liability of the owner, which may exist with respect to any violation of this chapter and shall not preclude proceedings against the owner for the purpose of pursuing sanctions under this chapter. The following exceptions apply:

Sec. 10-69. - Adoption.

(a) CCAC shall endeavor to locate adopters for adoptable animals. No adoption shall become final until the termination of the impoundment period or confinement period provided for in section 10-67. No person under 18 years of age may adopt an animal and all adopters must provide proper identification prior to the adoption.

Sec. 10-7. - Disposal of dead animal.

(a) Legislative authority. This section is enacted pursuant to the Georgia Constitution and 1967 Ga. Laws (Act No. 19), page 914 (see pt. J, § 1-4) and 1969 Ga. Laws (Act No. 213), page 2486 (see pt. I, §§ 2-38, 2-39).

(b) Abandonment of dead animals; requirements as to disposal generally.

Sec. 10-70. - Sale of animals.

CCAC shall have the exclusive right to dispose of all animals that have been relinquished to CCAC, impounded or confiscated and not redeemed within the period specified by CCAC, including but not limited to domestic animals, farm animals, livestock, exotic animals, birds and reptiles, in any manner deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the animal and in accordance with this chapter.

(Code 1977, § 3-5-14.1; Ord. of 5-24-05)

Sec. 10-71. - Destruction of animals.

(a)Subject to those dogs falling within subsections (b) and (c) of this section, any impounded animal within one of the following categories may be destroyed at the discretion of CCAC, in as humane a manner as possible:

Sec. 10-72. - Neutering and spaying.

(a) No impounded animal shall be neutered or spayed (sterilized) without the owner's consent until the period of redemption has expired, except any animal that in the opinion of a licensed veterinarian must be sterilized in order to save its life may be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian prior to the expiration of the redemption period.

Sec. 10-8. - Treatment of diseased or injured animals.

When, in the opinion of the CCAC manager, an animal in the custody of CCAC is:

  • (1) Diseased or injured and in need of immediate treatment so as to lessen the animal's suffering or to prevent the spread of communicable disease, the CCAC manager or designee shall immediately obtain the services of or place the animal with a licensed veterinarian for the purpose of administering necessary treatment.