Cobb County Government

It is our goal at Cobb County 9-1-1 to provide the highest quality of service possible to the citizens we serve. It is the intent of our Bureau to establish formal relationships with the communities within our jurisdiction. This program will increase the communities understanding of the activities and roles of this agency and increase the public confidence.

We welcome the opportunity to have your group tour the 9-1-1 center or to send a speaker to your location. Speakers are available at no cost for your club or group. For more information on 9-1-1 Public Education contact or call (770) 528-3829.



What is an Emergency?

An emergency is any occurrence that requires the IMMEDIATE dispatch of Police, Fire and Medical Services.

When calling 9-1-1, remember to:

  • Remain calm
  • Speak clearly
  • Listen to ALL instructions
  • Answer ALL questions

Do's and Don'ts for 9-1-1


  • Use 9-1-1 for the dispatch of Police, Fire and EMS
  • Teach your children how to use 9-1-1 wisely in case of an emergency
  • Use payphones in an emergency and call 9-1-1 (call is free)


The State of Georgia began collecting a fee from each wireless telephone to help pay for the development and maintenance of enhanced wireless service. This was mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Portions of these funds will also be distributed to local emergency communications centers, to upgrade telephone equipment and mapping equipment to pinpoint location of wireless calls.

Request a Copy of a 911 Recording

To request a copy of a 911 record or audio tape:

A request has to be in writing. Please include the date, time, address of incident, and the case number if known.

Request can be emailed to 

It will take 2-3 days to process the request and you will be notified when it is ready. Charges incur at a rate of 0.10 per page and $5.00 per CD. Download /research charges are $5.50 every 15 minutes with the first 15-minute increment at no charge.

Text to 911 for Wireless Customers

Wireless customers in Cobb County can now send a short message service text message to 911 for emergency help when unable to make a 911 voice call. This service will be available to the majority of wireless customers.

All major carriers have completed integration with the Cobb County 911 system. Text to 911 was not developed as a replacement or option to calling 911 in an emergency situation, but rather as an enhancement to reaching 911 services in three specific situations: