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Find out why the fire service is one of the best career choices you can make. View available positions and apply and check out our recruitment video.

For questions, contact our recruiters from Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services via email at or call Investigator Alan Land at 770-528-8343.





The Hiring Process

A candidate must pass each step during the process before progressing to the next. A candidate submits an online application to Cobb County Human Resources. Cobb County Public Safety Internal Affairs Division screens each application to determine if there are items on the application that would disqualify a candidate from the written test.

Recruit School: Firefighter Training

This outline is merely a guide or idea of what recruit school is about, it is not an agenda or a day by day schedule.

Recruit school for Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services is approximately nine months long. Twenty six weeks of training to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. The other twelve weeks to become a certified Georgia Firefighter and an NPQ Firefighter II, which is a national certification.

Recruit School: Emergency Medical Training

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Recruit School lasts for 6 months. This class is required to be 389 hours, however, Cobb County conducts a 404-hour class. Of these 404 hours, 60 hours are spent doing clinical rotations - either working in the emergency room or on the ambulance. Clinical rotations provide the opportunity to experience real-life situations and allow hands-on use of practical skills taught in the classroom.