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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office?

What deaths are investigated by the Cobb County Medical Examiner?

My loved one/family member/friend has recently passed away and is at the Medical Examiner’s Office. What happens next?

Is an autopsy performed for every decedent examined by the Medical Examiner’s Office?

Can I view the body at the Medical Examiner’s Office?

Do I have to pay for the Medical Examiner examination being performed?

Does the Medical Examiner’s Office need permission from the next of kin to perform an autopsy?

What happens to personal property brought in with a decedent?

When will the Medical Examiner's Report be available, and how can I obtain a copy?

If the cause or manner of death is not immediately known, will this delay funeral services?

How can affairs of the estate be settled without a death certificate?