Cobb County Government

Business Registration

Pursuant to The Georgia Immigration Reform Act that was passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor, effective January 1, 2012, all applicants applying for or renewing a Cobb County Occupation Tax Certificate or Cobb County Business License must provide in person or electronically to the Cobb County Business License Division one secure and verifiable document [PDF], (a driver license or passport) as required by O.C.G.A.50- 36-1(e)(1) and sign and notarize the HB87 citizenship affidavit required by O.C.G.A. 50-36- 1(e)(2) and the Private Employer Affidavit - 10 or Fewer Employees [PDF] or Private Employer Affidavit - 11 or More Employees [PDF] required by O.C.G.A.36-60-6(d)



General Registration Requirements

Any individual, partnership, corporation, or entity which engages in any activity with the object of gain, profit, benefit, or advantage in the unincorporated area of Cobb County is considered to be engaged in business and must obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate for each location in Cobb County prior to engaging in these activities.


Effective July 1, 2008, a State License to conduct business as a residential and/or General Contractor, may be issued by the State of Georgia, and may be required prior to any permits being issued for such work. Applications, deadlines, and other specific information pertaining to State licenses can be found on the web site of the Secretary of State, at or by calling the office of the Construction Industry at 478-207-1416.

Day Care

Persons providing child care, day care facilities or personal care facilities for adults should contact the Georgia Department of Human Resources Child Care License Division at 404-657-5562.

Residential Businesses

Businesses located on property zoned residential are limited in the activity which may be conducted. Generally, persons operating a business from a residence cannot have employees, clients, or any inventory located at the residence.


Individuals engaged in any of the following professions have the option of paying an occupation tax on gross receipts of the business or pay an annual professional occupation tax of $400 per professional.

Change of Ownership

Certificates are void if the ownership has changed. Occupation Tax Certificates are not transferable. The new owner must make application to change the ownership of the business in person at Business License Division prior to the ownership change and complete the HB87 Citizenship Affidavit [PDF], the Private Employer Affidavit - 10 or Fewer Employees [PDF] or Private Employer Affidavit - 11 or More Employees [PDF] provide one secure and verifiable document [PDF] (a driver license or passport).

Out of Business

Businesses that are no longer in business in unincorporated Cobb County must notify the Cobb County Business License Division in writing. Failure to renew a license does not cancel the license/certificate. We do not accept verbal notifications.

Special/Regulated Licenses

Persons desiring to conduct any of the following business activities must obtain a special license: astrologer, door-to-door salesperson, amusement activity including carnivals, pawn shop, flea market, precious metal dealer, pool tables in establishments with an alcoholic beverage license and modeling agency. Applications for special/regulated businesses can be obtained by calling 770-528-8410.