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The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, community designed growth strategy that will continue to make Cobb County an attractive place to invest, conduct business, and raise a family. The current plan, adopted in 2007 with subsequent annual amendments, covers the time period between 2007 and 2040.



2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners must approve amendments to the Comprehensive Plan text or the Future Land Use Map. In order to allow for timely, small-scale changes to the plan text and Future Land Use Map, an annual plan amendment process has been established.

The annual plan amendment process begins at the end of each calendar year, starting in October and ending in January of the following year. During this time, staff members study proposed changes to the text and land use map that have arisen throughout the year. The changes may be the result of direction from the Board of Commissioners due to a rezoning action, approval of a study or master plan, and/or suggestions from the Planning Commission, residents, business community or staff. Any site which was not previously posted for a rezoning, land use permit, special land use permit or study/master plan hearing, is posted to notify the public of the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments. The posting consists of general area notifications that alert the public about policy changes in the affected area. Additionally, letters are mailed to property owners informing them of the impending changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the amendment package is posted online at for public review.

2040 Comprehensive Plan

Appendix 1: Community Profile (Background Report)

Appendix 2: Community Engagement

Appendix 3: Community Work Program

Appendix 4: Small Area Policy Guidelines

Appendix 5: Report of Accomplishments

Appendix 6: Supplemental Plan Synopsis

Appendix 7: Cobb Survey Report

Appendix 8: Regional Water Plan & Environ. Criteria


To view the Cobb 2040 Comprehensive Plan Memo to the Board of Commissioners showing the edits made from the last draft, Click Here.

Please note: some files may take longer to download due to size and download speed

Comprehensive Plan Update Process

The Comprehensive Plan update will result in a new Comprehensive Plan that will guide the county out to 2040. The revised plan will address Cobb’s vision, policies and goals based on the existing plan and community involvement. A new community work program will be established with short and long term implementation items. Cobb County Community Development will be the lead agency for carrying out a successful 2040 Comprehensive Plan update by working with numerous public, private, and nonprofit partners. Community Development staff will facilitate a wide variety of community involvement opportunities including Steering Committee meetings, informative and interactive public meetings, workshops, surveys, interviews, social media and online feedback.

Starting early in the process and continuing throughout the development of the plan will be a series of Steering Committee meetings. The Steering Committee meetings will include comprehensive plan education, exercises designed to gather input, a review of presentation materials for upcoming community meetings as well as discussions regarding feedback from prior community meetings. A critical part of the comprehensive plan development will be the involvement of the general public. Community involvement will be the foundation of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The planning team will host approximately nine (9) meetings throughout the county in effort to interact with the community and to solicit thoughts, ideas, public support and trust. The participation techniques will revolve around public interaction, public education, public input.


Public Participation

Civic engagement is a central component to any planning process. In order for community involvement to be successful, citizens must be encouraged to become active in the planning process. The plan will be reflect the community’s preferences and desires if the entire project team is able to gather input from a wide range of stakeholders with various interests. A public participation plan does exist within the Cobb 2040 Plan Development document that describes the purpose and process of how the community can get involved in the update process.

In the fall of 2015, Community Development staff carried out four public meetings through-out Cobb County aimed at educating the community about what the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is, provided information about supporting existing conditions data, and facilitated break-out groups to collect information from the public related to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of the county. The information gathered from the community meetings along with existing conditions data will assist in forming the needs and opportunities, which will help identify key goals and policies. The following information is the presentation that was giving to the community and summary of comments from the SWOT analysis.

Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]

Public Meeting SWOT Comments [PDF]

Intergovernmental Coordination

Intergovernmental Coordination involves activities that foster working relationships with other governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. On-going activities are often requirements of state law and/or legal arrangements called Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA). 

Among the on-going activities, state law requires Cobb and jurisdictions within the county to have a Service Delivery Strategy (SDS).

One IGA establishes a procedure for annual review of land use policy, planning and boundaries. One of the most common interactions between the county and municipalities occur when applications for annexation are submitted. The county is provided the opportunity by state rules to comment on annexation applications, Developments of Regional Impact (DRI), applications under the Metroplitan Rivers Protection Acts (MRPA), and Comprehensive Plan updates of adjoining governments. 

Functions that arise from mutual concerns include:

  • Determination of precise county boundaries where they potentially have an impact on emergency and other services.
  • Researching of IGAs regarding development specific to limited areas of the county
  • Preparation of applications, research and provision of data for area studies
  • Participation on city and regional committees, coordination with regional entities such as the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and the U.S. Census Bureau to assure that the interests of Cobb County residents are represented

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