Cobb County Government

"The primary object of an efficient Police(service) is the prevention of crime."
-Sir Richard Mayne, 1829

Crime Prevention is of the highest priority with the Cobb County Police Department. It is our goal to provide our citizens with the best possible service available, and through our Crime Prevention Function we are committed to reaching that goal. We believe by actively promoting citizens participation we can reduce crime in our county.

The Crime Prevention Function, through our community education program, offers various programs to meet the needs of our ever changing and growing county. Assigned personnel conduct seminars and training on crime prevention methods, visit schools to lecture on various topics, distribute crime prevention material, coordinate our Neighborhood Watch Program, and assist specialized units when crime prevention needs arise.

We are here to serve the citizens of Cobb County and believe by working together we can reduce crime.



Hands Free Georgia PSA

Cobb County and Marietta Police come together on the new Hands-Free Georgia Law that prohibits the use of mobile devices while "operating" your motor vehicle. In other words, put the phone down!

FTC Parenting Guide For Kids Online Activities

The opportunities kids have to socialize online come with benefits and risks. Adults can help reduce these risks by talking to kids about making safe and responsible decisions. The Cobb County Police Department’s Technology Based Crimes Unit would like to share a few tips from the Federal Trade Commission to assist you in identifying some of the detriments that are out there lurking.

Traffic Stop Tips

Questions about what to do if you are involved in a traffic stop? The Cobb County Police Department has outlined some tips in this video on what can be done to help have a more pleasant and safer interaction.

What you and your neighbors can do

Entering Autos

The primary cause for the rate of Entering Autos is individuals leaving valuables in their unattended vehicles. Preventing items being stolen from your vehicles requires 2 things: 1) taking everything of value out of your vehicle and 2) locking your vehicle. Leaving valuables in clear view in a locked car will most likely result in a broken window.