Cobb County Government

Listed below are the different units located throughout the Cobb County Police Department. Some Department units are full-time units, which means the personnel assigned to the unit work on a day to day basis in that unit. Other Department units are part-time unts, where personnel only report to these units when a request for services is initiated.

Administrative Services K-9
Bomb Squad* Motors
Central Records Organized Crime
Chaplains* Permits
Crime Analysis Property and Evidence
Community Education / Crime Prevention Public Information
Crimes Against Children Quality of Life
Crimes Against Persons Rangers
Crimes Against Property Recruitment
Criminal Apprehension & Gang Enforcement Reserves*
Crisis Negotiation Team* Robbery
Domestic Violence/Stalking Special Projects
Driving Under the Influence Task Force Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
Explorers* Special Weapons and Tactics*
False Alarm Tactical Unit
High Tech Crimes Training
Hit and Run Underwater Search and Recovery Team*
Honor Guard* Violent Incident Prevention & Early Response
Internal Affairs  

*Part-time unit



Administrative Services

scherer The Administrative Service Bureau is commanded by Lieutenant L.R. Scherer.  Lieutenant Scherer began his law enforcement career with the Woodstock Police Department in 1993.  While there, he served in uniform patrol as an officer and supervisor, traffic enforcement as a supervisor, and administration as a manager.

Central Records

Cobb County Police Department
Central Records
140 N Marietta Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8am to 11pm (excluding County observed holidays)

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Chaplain Program

The employees of the Cobb County Police Department, 911 Communications, and DPS may, at times, find themselves in need of personal and family counseling and support of a spiritual nature. No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than those who work in the law enforcement environment.

Police Explorer Program

The goals of the Cobb County Police Exploring program are to educate youth in police operations, to interest them in a possible career in law enforcement, and to build confidence and valuable leadership skills for the future.

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Marietta/Cobb/Smyrna Organized Crime Unit

The MCS organized Crime Unit was formed in 1980 by the Sheriff of Cobb County, the Cobb County Chief of Police, the Marietta Chief of Police, the Smyrna Chief of Police, and the Cobb County District Attorney.

Crimes Against Persons

The Crimes Against Persons Division is commanded by Major Dan Ferrell.

The Crimes Against Persons Unit is broken down into several units dedicated to the investigation of specific crimes.

Crimes Against Property

Criminal Investigation Units

Each precinct is assigned a Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU). The CIU Commander reports to the Precinct Commander. The CIU assigned to each precinct is responsible for investigating the following:

Specialized Units

Members of specialized units are assigned to regular duties and various shifts throughout the Department. They report to these specialized units when a request for services is made.These specialized units have personnel on-call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division is commanded by Major Robert Sampson. The division is broken down into several units dedicated to the enforcement of specific violations, and to enhance field operations.

Support Units

Community Education (Crime Prevention)

Community Education conducts crime prevention seminars and training, and coordinates similar activities conducted by the precincts and special units.

Training Unit

The Training Unit is commanded by Captain Terri Blackmer.

False Alarm Reduction Unit

All burglar alarm systems in unincorporated Cobb must be registered.

Begin the registration process at

To register by phone or for online registration issues: 1-888-535-4535.