Cobb County Government

Child Advocate Attorney

The Child Advocate Attorneys are assigned to the Court by the Cobb County Circuit Defenders Office to represent children who are either status offenders or have delinquent charges. They may also represent a party in a child dependency case or may act as the guardian ad litem for a child in such cases. Child Advocate Attorneys are only assigned if the party they are to represent is indigent pursuant to Georgia Code Section 15-11-30.

Name Office Telephone
Robin Brashear Circuit Defenders 770-528-3378


Note: Child Advocates are frequently in court or investigating cases. To better assist you. Please use their voice-mail service.

Other additional resources:

Georgia Indigent Defense Council - Information about attorneys for indigent persons.

Assistant District Attorneys

Two Assistant District Attorneys are appointed by Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head to prosecute delinquency and unruly cases in the Juvenile Court.

The D.A. Secretary is responsible for support of the Assistant District Attorneys.

The Trial Investigator is responsible for investigating cases, coordinating law enforcement activities, and preparing witnesses and victims for hearings associated with a case.

The Victim-Witness Coordinator assists victims and state's witnesses. The Coordinator helps prepare witnesses to present their case in court, assures that they have proper documentation to establish a restitution claim, and keeps them informed about upcoming court hearings.

Name Office Telephone
Jana Meeks Assistant District Attorney 770-528-3065
Ellyn Mills Victim Witness 770-528-2252
Wayne Grannis Assistant District Attorney 770-528-2245
Bonnie McCravy District Attorney Secretary 770-528-2588
Christie Walker Trial Investigator 770-528-2253


770-528-1066 (Fax)

Other additional resources:

Georgia Indigent Defense Council - Information about attorneys for indigent persons.
Child Support Enforcement Information

Sheriff's Office

Contact Number: 770-528-2233

Sheriff Neil Warren assigns deputies to secure the Cobb County Juvenile Court and to serve the Court's papers. The mission of the Deputies is to provide to security for the court, screen personnel entering the court, transport detainees to and from the court, oversee the confinement facility within the court building, and monitor security devices throughout the court to ensure security for court personnel and the public. The Sheriff also assigns Bailiffs to assist the judges in the efficient operation of the court processes.

Upon entering the Court building you will be requires to pass through a metal detector and your handbags and luggage will be passed through an x-ray machine. Please do not attempt to bring weapons or contraband into the building.