Cobb County Government

Since 1982, Cobb County has qualified to receive CDBG funds from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development [HUD]. The primary objective of the CDBG Program is to help develop viable urban communities, principally for low and moderate income persons, by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanded economic opportunities.

The mission of the Cobb County CDBG Program Office is to enhance the quality of life for low to moderate income residents of Cobb County by:

  • Upgrading public facilities and infrastructure;
  • Supporting new or increased levels of public services;
  • Improving housing and homeless conditions and increasing affordable housing; and
  • Providing economic opportunities in an efficient, responsive, and non-discriminating manner through organizational partnerships, available resources, and innovative approaches.



Cobb County CDBG Program Office

The Cobb County CDBG Program Office is managed by WFN Consulting, a private consulting firm that has managed the federal grant portfolio for Cobb County since 1981. Over the years, our firm has assumed grant management responsibility for numerous grants to include the following HUD Entitlement Grant programs:

·         Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
·         Home Investment Partnership (HOME)
·         Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)
·         Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

Additionally, the office manages other ancillary programs such as the:
·         Housing Rehabilitation Program
·         Community Services Block Program (CSBG),
·         Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)
·         Justice Assistance Program (JAG)

Our office is responsible for planning, implementation, and management of day to day operations for these grant programs.  Our office also provides technical assistance to funded agencies and organizations in areas such community and housing development as well as homelessness assistance programs. 

CDBG Non-Profit Organizations

The CDBG Program has also provided much needed funding assistance to many Cobb County non-profit organizations, allowing them to acquire land and build new facilities, renovate/expand existing buildings, and provide essential services. Non-profits receiving CDBG funds provide an assortment of services, including after-school programs, day care, domestic violence and family crisis intervention, housing opportunities, shelter for the homeless and disabled, literacy programs, employment training and microenterprise assistance, senior services, transportation, and health services, among others. In 2008, CDBG funding was vital in providing essential services to over 19,000 new low-income persons in Cobb County.

Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Since the inception of the CDBG Program in Cobb County, the CDBG Program Office has helped low and moderate income homeowners renovate their homes through emergency repair loans and grants and deferred payment loan programs. These programs make homes more livable for the homeowners, increase property values, and serve as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.Since 2007, 149 homes have been rehabilitated by the CDBG Program Office. Another 131 low-income families became homeowners by using Cobb County’s Down Payment Assistance [DPA] Program and First-Time Homebuyer Programs.