Cobb County Government

1. Permit Request


Permit Request forms for standard utility installations shall be obtained from the Cobb County Department of Transportation at 1890 County Services Parkway. Utilities submitting numerous permit requests may be allowed to create an electronic form with their company name on the form subject to the Departments approval. The general format of the Permit Request form shall be followed.

2. Field Requirements for Installation


Unless approved otherwise, the proposed utility installation shall conform to the Georgia Department of Transportation's Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards as revised and adopted by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. A certified copy of the Policy and Standards is on file with the Cobb County Clerk.

3. Maintenance

Although no separate written agreement or permit is required for routine maintenance of established facilities within rights of way, the utility is required to give advance notice to the Department for certain types of activities within the rights of way.

4. Inspection of Work

The Department reserves the right to inspect the work during such periods as the Department's field inspector(s) deem necessary to check compliance with the terms of the permit, and to require the permitee to correct all deviations from the approved permit.

5. Liability and Control

Permitee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Department and all Cobb County employees, agents, and the Board of Commissioners from any and all liability as provided in the current edition of the State D.O.T's Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards. These terms shall become terms of and contained within the permit/permit application.