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The main purposes of the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority is to assist with business development and redevelopment in areas of South Cobb. There are many ways we can assist with redevelopment as an organization and in partnerships with Cobb County’s Office of Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, and Cobb County Development Authority. The South Cobb Redevelopment Authority has the power to issue low interest bonds to assist private land development in South Cobb. This bonding ability has the impact of lowering the cost of redevelopment projects for activity in South Cobb. The Authority also has the ability to buy, sell, consolidate, or leverage land resources to spur redevelopment activity. Finally, the Authority is actively trying to educate private investors and business owners on the many strengths and opportunities in South Cobb and how locating or investing in this community can help their bottom line.




Riverside Area

The Riverside area of South Cobb contains the largest tourist attraction in the State of Georgia in Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park, yet it is also the area most in need of revitalization and redevelopment. Cobb County and the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority are working collaboratively to address redevelopment issues in the Riverside area. Redevelopment in this community will include a combination of public and private investments. The goal of the investments is to reduce crime, beautify the neighborhood and create opportunities for new private sector investment.

Potential Projects utilizing Redevelopment Bond funds

The following are a list of projects that can be funded through a special tax district for the Six Flags Area of South Cobb. The purpose of these projects is to help the community by investing in ways to improve the sense-of-place and business climate in this area of Cobb County.

  • Redevelopment
    • Estimated project completion
      • Property acquisition
      • Property abatement
      • Relocation assistance
      • Land preparation
      • Property disposition
  • Quality-of-life Investments:
    • Installation of way-finding/gateway signage
    • Landscape Improvements at off ramps of I-20
    • Landscape improvements Six Flags Drive from Riverside Parkway to Lee Industrial
    • Landscape improvements Six Flags Parkway Six Flags Over GA to Lee Industrial


Six Flags Special Services District Map

Improvement renderings have been retained by SCRA to design improvements for interchanges in South Cobb which are part of the redevelopment efforts associated with the Redevelopment Bond and the Six Flags Special Services District. View the Rendering Presentation


Mableton Design Charette

From June 14, 2010 to June 21, 2010 the Mableton community participated in the Mableton design workshop during which a vision for downtown Mableton was created. For a week, residents, businesses, and stakeholders were invited to participate in a "charette" - a design workshop. At these sessions, we identifed specific goals, such as: substantial improvements in the heart of Mableton; how we can incorporate the arts and additional community services into the area; transportation design; locations for resources such as a new elementary school; and how we will grow in decades to come.

The community, along with county staff, elected and appointed officials, other stakeholders, and the city planning team (Duaney Plater-Zyberk & Co), created an Illustrative Master Plan to show the future of this community. The plan will lead to a form-based code (SmartCode) identifying design standards, development criteria and other requirements that will ensure quality and allow developers and elected officials to work together for the long-term good of the community.

The SmartCode is far more flexible than strict, reactive zoning regulations. The new codes are based upon concepts of building livable, welcoming communities that have been refined over generations. There will be specific standards guiding how our streets look, how commercial and residential properties as well as public and private realms interact, and how neighborhoods should incorporate a range of building and housing types along with green space to create walkable neighborhoods. Mableton will become even better – it's your hometown, and these new plans will promote a true sense of community. 

View the Mableton Code Information Sheet


When private development invests in an area, a compount effect occurs presenting the area as a valuable investment for other developers. The impact of these individuals' decisions help to transform an area; new jobs are created, area aesthetics improves, and the community stabilizes. In turn, the sustained economic growth maintains the competitive market value of the area. This makes it easier for Cobb County to maintain lower property taxes while continuing to provide for our citizens.

Cobb County focuses on redevelopment efforts and opportunities to continue this economic development. By supporting the revitalization of many aging commercial corridors, we help the private sector by investing in challenged or underachieving markets. The financial, public safety, and quality-of-life impact from the stabilization of these commercial corridors supports Cobb County and its citizens.

Redevelopment Sites

Visit the Economic Development Incentives page to view inventory of sites highlighted by Cobb County and the Board of Commissioners where the community would benefit from redevelopment, revitalization, and new private investment. These properties hold potential for new investment and are appropriate sites to encourage redevelopment into a new sustainable use. Incentives are available to support the redevelopment of these properties.

Enterprise Zones


An Enterprise Zone is an area designated by a local government as ready for development or redevelopment. Qualifying businesses locating or expanding within the Zone are eligible for certain tax incentives and other economic development incentives for job creation and capital investment in the community.

Program Requirements

  • Companies creating new jobs or bringing significant investment to the area.
  • Emphasis placed on redevelopment, locating in abandoned buildings or assembling tracts of land for development.
  • Manufacturing, distribution, land development, and industrial building.

Program Incentives

  • 10-year graduated tax abatement of County ad valorem tax only, no school tax abatement.
  • Caps on building permit and business license permit fees.
  • Assistance with other State incentives such as free training, job creation tax credits, and development authority financing.

View an Example


Enterprize Zone Maps


Atlanta Road

Austell/Powder Springs

Canton Road

Powers Ferry


Opportunity Zones

An Opportunity Zone is a commercial or industrial area that has been a designated by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs as one that is ripe for redevelopment. New or existing businesses located in these areas may qualify for a job tax credit in the amount of $3,500 per job as long as two or more new jobs are created. The job tax credit may be used against 100% of the Georgia income tax liability and withholding tax.

View the Information Brochure

If your business is located in the Six Flags Opportunity Zone and you would like to apply for opportunity zone certification, please fill out This Application and send to:
Michael Hughes
Economic Development Director

For Georgia Department of Community Affairs Opportunity Zone Information, Click Here.