Cobb County Government

Associate Board Member Program

board member programWhat is the Associate Board Member Program?

The Associate Board Member (or ABM) program was designed to give Cobb County students (High School Juniors and Seniors or those attending a college located in Cobb County) the opportunity to learn the benefits of working with a non-profit organization entrusted to educate, beautify and enhance our community. This program allows students to participate at a higher level within a community organization, help with our various events and assist volunteers in making positive impacts within Cobb County. These benefits translate to school-wide opportunities, building community service hours and are an excellent highlight on their college resume. Most importantly, you will have fun!

Because of the level of commitment, we are not always looking for the class leaders or those involved with several clubs or organizations. As an ABM, you will be required to attend Board meetings, participate in various committees, volunteer and help run KCB events, and complete a project related to our Mission. As an ABM you will also be invited to represent KCB at luncheons and ceremonies. ABMs will be involved with outreach to local civic groups and schools and have the opportunity for college scholarships.

Dig'n the Dirt Program

dig'n dirt“When you choose to plant a garden with children, the world is on track to becoming a healthier place.”
– Elicia Fritsch, Dig’n the Dirt Founder

Today’s youths are spending more and more time indoors, causing a disconnection from the natural world. This decrease in outdoor activity has contributed to an increase in diseases like obesity and juvenile diabetes, social dysfunction, and behavioral issues.

Our Cobb County Green School Educators agree that their time is better spent teaching your student(s) in an engaging, interactive environment. One solution? Get them into the garden!  Complete the application to join in!

Garden programs provide a dynamic environment where children can learn and play at the same time. They experiment, discover, gain confidence, build self-esteem, and gain an appreciation for the amount of work required to bring food to the table.

Green School Initiative

green school logoThe purpose of the Green School Initiative is to recognize schools in Cobb County with an active environmental program and encourage inactive schools to develop environmentally based education initiatives within their schools.

The primary focus of this program is environmental conservation, preservation, and beautification. The Green School Initiative annually recognizes Cobb County Classrooms and Schools that have met Green School requirements. These schools are recognized for participating in activities that promote good environmental stewardship.

To qualify, the nominated school must have at least 5 teachers receive Green Classroom designations, by completing 5 lesson plans or projects that help students learn about, protect, and beautify their environment.

The Green School Initiative program operates in partnership with the Cobb County Watershed Education and Efficiency Programs, Cobb County P.A.R.K.S. Natural Resources Unit and the Keep Cobb Beautiful program.

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School Presentations

school kidsThe Trash You Make – 30 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This lesson is about the volume of trash each of us generates in a day and where it goes once it’s thrown away. By going through the day in the life of one of their peers to see how much garbage can be made, the students then determine whether or not the trash can be reduced, reused, recycled or disposed of in a landfill.
Recommended for Grades K-5

The Living Landfill – 20 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

This lesson teaches students about the three R’s, the processing of trash, and the importance of reducing the amount of trash put in landfills. The students become a landfill and determine what really belongs in a landfill and what can be reused or recycled.
Recommended for Grades K-2

Summer Reading Program

summer reading childSummer Reading Program – 30 minutes; maximum class size – (40 students)

Looking for a cool place to teacher your little ones about environmental stewardship during the summer?

Spend some time with Keep Cobb Beautiful at your local Cobb County Library**! Several different books with related stories about recycling and environmental responsibility are selected to read to the children trying to beat the summer heat while having a little fun and learning something new. The stories read correlate with the age group. Examples of titles are “Recycle That!” and “Where does the Garbage Go?” After story time, there is a short discussion on the tale’s topic. Additional activities such as, Saul’s 3 R’s (DVD), the Recyclables Relay, and coloring activities are conducted (time permitting). Recommended for Grades K-2

**Please check with your local library for scheduled KCB appearances.