Cobb County Government

Our Mission Statement:

The Water System, as an agency of Cobb County Government, is a utility operation responsible for water distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management services.

stormwater logo Stormwater Management Goals and Objectives:

• To continuously update the limits, magnitude and frequency of the 100-year frequency flood hazard in the County; to determine the extent that flood hazards areas have been augmented by human activity (i.e. dams and urbanization); to exclude future development from these areas; and to publicly own, preserve and reclaim major floodplains as natural flood storage areas to the maximum extent practicable.

• To comply with federal and state mandates regarding clean water laws and regulations; to monitor a wide spectrum of non-point source pollutants within the major streams in Cobb County; to implement plans to improve the aquatic habitat and quality of streams; and to monitor the biological diversity of our stream as an indicator of the long-term water quality health of our major streams.

• To maintain stormwater infrastructure dedicated to and accepted by Cobb County for perpetual maintenance according to our current County Code.

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