Cobb County Government

Change of Ownership

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses are not transferable. If the business changes ownership, the purchaser must submit a change of ownership application, the HB87 Citizenship Affidavit [PDF], the Private Employer Affidavit [PDF], one verifiable document [PDF] (a driver license or passport), and immigration documents, if applicable. Other information required includes personal statements for each licensee, owner, partner and/or stockholder owning shares of 20 percent or more. Signed consent forms for criminal investigations on these individuals and their spouses are also required. The Business License Manager reserves the right to request this information on all stockholders, partners, owners, licensees and their spouses.

Two 2”x2” photographs of each person submitting a personal statement must accompany each original application submitted. Consent forms must be submitted by stockholders and spouses owning shares of 20 percent or more, as well as licensee and spouse.

Incorporation papers, purchase agreements, leases, contracts, and lease assignments are also required when applicable. If the establishment is applying for a Liquor Pouring License, it must meet the specific requirements established in the Cobb County Code of Ordinances, Section 6-1 and Section 6-130.

A completed application must be submitted to the Business License Division prior to assuming ownership of the business. The purchaser must submit an executed bill of sale. A change of ownership is defined as the addition of a partner or stockholder. If a partner or stockholder withdraws, and they are not the current licensee listed on the license and no other changes are made, a new application need not be submitted. However, if the partner, owner, or stockholder who withdraws is the “named licensee” a new licensee is required and a change of licensee application must be submitted. On a change of ownership, new fees must be paid and are not pro-rated. The application fee for a change of ownership is $300 -- in addition to a new Alcoholic Beverage Business License fee and Occupation Tax.