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Design Guidelines

The Planning Division assists with the creation of and administers Design Guidelines for specific areas; these guidelines are included in the county's development standards that provide specific criteria for site planning and architectural detailing. Design guidelines assist county staff and other professionals such as architects, engineers, planners and developers, as well as community members, in making more informed design decisions for either private developments or public facility investments. 

UPDATE: Johnson Ferry Design Standards Approved
  • Achieve and maintain a quality in landscaping and streetscaping
  • Develop a distinct identity and street character for the corridor
  • Provide a safe, accessible and aesthetically pleasing pedestrian and automobile environment
  • Create a consistent public environment within the Johnson Ferry Corridor
  • Preserve and expand the open public space and green space

This document was approved by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on April 24, 2018. This will be implemented through the plan review process.

View the APPROVED Design Standards

Progress: Vinings
Completed Guidelines

Cobb County already has design guidelines established on Atlanta Road, Canton Road, Dallas Highway, Macland Road, and Mableton Parkway/Veterans Memorial Highway (brand new!). The graphical depictions of these areas covered by these guidelines are are below: