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Design Guidelines

The Planning Division assists with the creation of and administers Design Guidelines for specific areas; these guidelines are included in the county's development standards that provide specific criteria for site planning and architectural detailing. Design guidelines assist county staff and other professionals such as architects, engineers, planners and developers, as well as community members, in making more informed design decisions for either private developments or public facility investments. 

UPDATE: Mableton Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway

Mableton Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway are key corridors in the Mableton community. Both are critically important to all of southern Cobb County, as each was developed as an automobile-centric, commercial thoroughfare. Over time, both have seen a decline in their respective commercial markets. Additionally, more residential development – both single family and multi-family – has moved into the area. Cobb County seeks to revitalize both corridors through alterations to the current land use pattern and through the creation of design guidelines. View the UPDATED Design Guideline Draft Document

Progress: Vinings

The Planning Division of Cobb County Community Development is in the process of creating design guidelines for Vinings. View the presentation from the Vinings Design Guideline Final Community Meeting, held on June 22, 2017. 

Progress: Austell Road

The Planning Division has kicked off the Austell Road Design Guidelines project research. Austell Road is the third of a three-part project focused on creating architectural and streetscape standards for the areas identified in the project scope. The first of three community meetings was held on Tuesday, September 9. It educated, informed and engaged stakeholders and citizens, as well as provided an opportunity to solicit design input and feedback.

Click Here to view the presentation from the first Austell Road Design Guideline Meeting

Click Here to view the presentation from the second Austell Road Design Guideline Meeting

Discussions of the public’s vision and goals for Austell Road will assist in sustaining and maintaining a community that has a strong sense of place and a distinctive community character.

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Completed Guidelines

Cobb County already has design guidelines established on Atlanta Road, Canton Road, Dallas Highway and Macland Road. The graphical depictions of these areas covered by these guidelines are are below: