Cobb County Government


Michael Francis, Transportation Division Manager/Chief Engineer, 770-528-1670

Vacant, Environmental Compliance Engineer and PEACH Roads Manager, 770-590-6350

Russ Ford, Pre-Construction Engineer, 770-420-6659 

Judy Skeel, Construction Engineer, 770-528-1695

Jim Martinez, District 1 Engineer, 770-528-4375

Karyn Matthews, District 2 Engineer, 770-528-1635

Brian Loudermilk, District 3 Engineer, 770-528-1695

Ligia Florim, District 4 Engineer, 770-420-6659


The Engineering Department develops designs for transportation improvements including roadway, pedestrian and infrastructure upgrades; manages construction of projects; and coordinates with regional agencies to implement improvements. Development Services provides transportation review and analysis of land development activity and maintains the DOT’s Development Standards.