Cobb County Government


Michael Francis, Transportation Division Manager/Chief Engineer, 770-528-1670

Meagean De La Cruz, Administrative Specialist, 770-528-1621

Vacant, Environmental Compliance Engineer and PEACH Roads Manager, 770-590-6350

Russ Ford, Pre-Construction Engineer, 770-420-6659 

Judy Skeel, Construction Engineer, 770-528-1622

Jim Martinez, District 1 Engineer, 770-528-4375

Karyn Matthews, District 2 Engineer, 770-528-1635

Brian Loudermilk, District 3 Engineer, 770-528-1695

Russ Ford, District 4 Engineer, 770-420-6659

The Engineering Department develops designs for transportation improvements including roadway, pedestrian and infrastructure upgrades.

Manages construction of projects and coordinates with regional agencies to implement improvements.

Development Services provides transportation review and analysis of land development activity and maintains the DOT’s Development Standards.