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Economic Development is about creating “halo” effects where private development invested in an area drives additional private development. The compound effect and impact of these individuals decisions help to transform an area, creates new jobs, improves aesthetics, and stabilizes areas of the community. This sustained economic growth and activity maintains market competitive property values making it easier for Cobb County to maintain lower property taxes while continuing to provide the superior services our businesses and residents have come to expect.

In order to continue this evolution and provide stability to some areas, Cobb County focuses on redevelopment efforts and opportunities. Our ability to support the revitalization of many of our aging commercial corridors assists the private sector in investing in challenged or underachieving markets. The financial, public safety, and quality-of-life impact from the stabilization of these commercial corridors supports Cobb County as a whole, no matter where you live.

Below is an inventory of sites highlighted by Cobb County and the Board of Commissioners as sites where the community would benefit from redevelopment, revitalization, and new private investment. These properties hold potential for new investment and are appropriate sites to encourage redevelopment into a new sustainable use. Incentives are available to support the redevelopment of these properties.

You are welcome to contact the Community Development Agency if you have any questions about incentives that may be available to support these or other properties in Cobb County.

Please contact us at:

Dana Johnson