Cobb County Government


Cobb provides four indoor aquatic centers that are open year-round and outdoor seasonal pools at two locations.  Admission to the facilities are available on a daily basis and there are several pass options available to suit your needs.

 Aquatic Center Fees
Cobb County Residents   Non-Cobb County Residents
Adult Youth Senior   Adult Youth Senior
4.50 3.50 2.12 Daily Fee 4.50 3.50 2.12
34.34 19.93 13.78 10 Visit Pass N/A
37.86 27.40 19.08 Monthly 64.36 53.90 38.16
103.13 60.28 42.40 Quarterly 129.63 86.78 68.90
272.02 186.83 131.44 Annual 298.52 213.33 157.94
6% Tax is included in the prices above for daily admission and passes
Youth: ages 2-17 Adult: ages 18-54 Senior: ages 55+


Family Passes 3 Month Pass
Family of 4 or less $146.28
Family of 5 $161.12
Family of 6+ $174.90

Family Passes are only for immediate family members who are dependents and live in the same household - Non-Cobb residents add $25

Please note: Price includes 6% sales tax

Please note:

  • Group passes are not available
  • Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). A valid driver's license is required for all checks and all pass purchases.
  • Make checks payable to PARKS
  • Pool Rules are clearly posted between the dressing room doors as patrons enter the pool deck. All patrons must abide by these rules as well as any other safety rules deemed necessary by the pool staff on duty.
  • Passes cannot be used for instructional classes.
  • Daily Fees are a Per Visit Charge - Patrons Will be Charged a Fee Each Time They Use the Facility
  • Ten - Visit Passes will be Scanned for Each Visit to the Facility