Cobb County Government

About P.A.R.K.S.

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Mission Statement

To be an accountable steward of public park lands and recreation resources and an efficient provider of quality, wholesome leisure services to benefit the body, mind and spirit of all Cobb County citizens.


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." – Plato

The Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department is a branch of the Cobb County Government, under the jurisdiction of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. A volunteer Recreation Board and Cultural Affairs Board serves as the Department's policy-making body that provides programs, services and facilities.

The Department originated in 1966 as the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Department, and in 1989 was renamed Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department with the addition of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department. The Department is divided into the following divisions: Administration, Business Management, Park Services Division, the Recreation Services Division and the Cultural Affairs Division. Park Operations Division includes the Central, Eastern and Western Zones as well as Equipment Management/Facility Maintenance and Landscaping and Construction. Park Services is responsible for maintenance, design, development and construction of new facilities, parks and renovations.

The Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department currently operates 44 facilities and has 1,350 developed acres. As the primary provider of leisure services and facilities within the county, the department provides a wide range of athletic, artistic, therapeutic and educational services. Specialized facilities include the Cobb County Civic Center Complex, Al Bishop and Lost Mountain Softball Complexes, 4 recreation centers, 4 community centers, 3 arts centers, the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre, the Cobb Gymnastics Center, 6 tennis centers and 112 tennis courts, 4 indoor aquatic centers and 2 outdoor pools, 20 miles of trails, 2 golf courses and the fairgrounds at Jim Miller Park. The Department also serves as a resource for over 70 of the county's volunteer groups, assisting them in areas such as park use scheduling, incorporation, by-laws and technical expertise.

Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department strives to provide instructional, competitive and social activities for people of all ages. Cobb's facilities provide the opportunity for Cobb County citizens to use their leisure time in a constructive, healthy, gratifying and inexpensive manner, and give the county's youth the body-building and mind-expanding opportunity to pursue the recreational activity of their choice. Over 7,230,000 participants took advantage of these programs and facilities during the past year and with the continuing expansion of Cobb's population, the department will endeavor to maintain its high standard of service to its citizens.