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Mentoring/Coaching Program for Young Men
The United Brotherhood in collaboration with the Powder Springs Community Taskforce and the Ron Anderson Recreation Center staff propose to administer a mentoring/coaching program for young men at the Ron Anderson Recreation Center.

The goal of the Mentoring/Coaching Program is to empower the youth of the community with self-development by doing one-on-one mentoring/coaching as well as group sessions. The sessions' intent is to mentor, coach and guide young men to pursue their dreams. On the spiritual side, we have license and ordained ministers, deacons and pastors speaking hope and faith to our youth. The mentoring/coaching sessions will be on Monday and Friday from 4:30pm – 5:30pm at the Ron Anderson Recreation Center.

Healthy Walking Age: All Ages
Walk or run in the gym no matter what the weather, seventeen times around the gym is one mile. Walkers are welcome to bring in IPods or walkmans to enjoy music while you walk to keep you energized during your morning exercise. Seniors are welcome! Strollers are welcome!
Fees: Free!