Cobb County Government


The Property Management Department successfully completed a major renovation project of 40,000 square feet at the downtown Marietta complex that moved Juvenile Court to the square. This brought all of the courts to the square, with most accessed through common Sheriff’s Office secured posts.

codeApproximately 24,000 people enter the front doors of the Cobb State Court Building each month. Visitors now navigate through the Cobb State Court process with the help of newly-installed, 46-inch display monitors.  Funded through the Clerk’s Office, the airport-like monitors display daily listings of case names, case numbers, courtroom numbers and times. Previously, court visitors relied on court personnel and bailiffs with typed docketsheets for direction.

State Court daily calendars are also accessible before patrons even arrive at the courthouse, via the State Court Clerk’s Web site  At that site an attorney or defendant may search by name or case number to obtain courtroom location and hearing times for that day via computer, iPad or mobile device.  If patrons want to obtain times for future court dates, they can call the clerk’s automated telephone system at 770-528-2660.

Information Services worked with judicial departments to upgrade the county’s Case Management System to an enhanced Web-based system. The upgraded system is capable of managing all aspects of court cases, including judge assignments, parties, violations, docketing, hearings and accounting. The upgraded system allows sharing of complete, accurate and timely court information between county departments as well as the public.

A complete physical renovation to the Probate Court is mostly complete.  The License Division was relocated to provide better service to applicants while providing a more functional and appropriate lobby space for the Estates Division.  

In November, Hillary Cranford began serving as the Probate Court’s first associate judge. Probate Court also filled the newly-created Estates Division clerk position in September.  With the additional judge and clerk positions, both litigation in court and processing cases administratively will progress even more efficiently.

Throughout 2014, Probate Court has continued to make its forms, applications and records available online as a convenience for customers. In late 2013, recent marriage records became available online to the public. Probate Court staff intends to scan previous years’ marriage records for online availability as well.