Cobb County Government

October - December 2017
Watershed Stewardship Program wins Award from Georgia Adopt-A-Stream

The Watershed Stewardship Program was awarded the 2016 Watershed Award (Government) from Georgia Adopt-A-Stream. Adopt-A-Stream honors local public utilities, government agencies, regional commissions, non-profits and watershed organizations that have gone above and beyond in implementing the Adopt-A-Stream goals with this award.

The Watershed Stewardship Program encourages active involvement in watershed health by emphasizing ecological connections between people and the planet. During the 2015-2016 school year, they provided 396 hours of free watershed outreach programming. These efforts engaged 84 schools, 663 classrooms and 15, 269 students. Additionally, the Watershed Stewardship Program has coordinated numerous Rivers Alive cleanup events, household hazardous-waste trainings, the Fairy Habitat Helpers program, and the Eco-Logical: Tips to Reduce Your Footprint video series. The Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program facilitates a model Adopt-A-Stream program that continues to offer free public workshops to certify citizens in chemical, bacterial and macroinvertebrate water quality monitoring. In 2016, Watershed staff facilitated 32 workshops, trained 320 volunteers, and provided 359 certifications.

thank youFrom left: Meredith Whitten, Seira Baker, Jennifer McCoy, Mike Kahle, Sonya Wood Mahler, Bob Bourne