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April - June 2018

Toilet Rebate Program Expanded to Commercial Customers

In January of this year, the Board of Commissioners approved an expansion of our very successful toilet rebate program to commercial customers. A commercial customer is defined as any account that is not billed as a single-family residence. This includes master-metered townhome and condo communities, schools, restaurants, office parks, apartments, etc.. Any property built in 1992 or earlier and receiving a water bill from Cobb County Water System can take advantage of our toilet rebate program.

The Commercial program provides a $50.00 rebate per toilet up to 100 toilets per property, a cap of $5,000.00. The toilets must be EPA WaterSense labeled toilets, using 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less. The applicant must provide proof of purchase and installation of the new toilets, as well as, proof that the property was built in 1992 or earlier.

The expansion of the rebate program to commercial customers is consistent with the water efficiency program’s goals to expand programs to all customers. Residential customers have been updating their plumbing fixtures and taking advantage of our efficiency initiatives and we are excited to offer some of these opportunities to commercial customers. Kathy Nguyen noted, “We look forward to helping our commercial customers expand Cobb’s culture of conservation.”

A commercial property can only apply once per property for the rebate. The property needs to complete all their toilet installations before submitting their application. Information on the commercial toilet rebate program and some frequently asked questions can be found at:
For more information email

The water efficiency program is ready to work with our commercial customers to help them conserve water and save money. It makes WaterSense.

cobb water system commercial toilet rebate program