Cobb County Government

Historic Preservation Commission

Authorization: Ordinance of August 28, 1984; Amendment of 3-9-93 regarding method of appointment. Code Section 66-26

Description: Consists of five (5) members appointed by the Board of Commissioners who are residents of Cobb County and have demonstrated special interest, experience or education in history, architecture or the preservation of historic resources. After initially staggered terms, members serve terms to run concurrent with that of that of the appointment Commissioner and serves at the pleasure of the appointing Commissioner. Members do not receive compensation but may be reimbursed for expenses if approved by the BOC. This Commission has only advisory authority in recommending landmark and historic district designation and is considered a part of the planning functions of Cobb County.

Board Members:
Rose Wing
Cal Dortch
Abbie T. Parks
Heather Thayer Culligan
M. Christopher Baldwin

Contact Information:
Community Development Agency - Planning Division
(770) 528-2018