Cobb County Government

Application Process

  1. Business prospect/representative writes a letter and completes a project application to the County’s Office of Economic Development requesting business incentives to help them locate and/or expand their business in Cobb County (see E: Project Application).
  2. The Business Incentives Review Committee receives letter and other supporting documentation.
  3. Committee meets to discuss/assess the project.
  4. Committee conducts due diligence by reviewing:
    1. Financial feasibility and analysis reports
    2. Reports created from data entered into the County’s Business Incentive Impact Model
  5. County staff if applicable will coordinate other incentive requests available through the Georgia Department of Economic Development and/or Cobb County municipality
    1. State and/or City conducts financial due diligence
    2. State and/or City provides project recommendation
  6. Committee reconvenes on an as-needed basis until project evaluation is completed.
  7. The Committee’s preliminary recommendation is presented to the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, County Manager, and Support Services Agency Director for feedback and further direction.
  8. Office of Economic Development Director responds in writing to prospect company:
    1. Relays County’s position/decision
    2. Outlines details of incentive package (where applicable). Should the incentives include property tax abatement, the business prospect or representative must complete a Memorandum of Agreement that must be presented to the Board of Tax Assessors for review and approval.
  9. County prepares an initial draft of an Business Incentive Commitment Agreement (BICA) describing the incentives being conveyed in exchange for the business prospect’s decision expand and/or locate in Cobb County. All parties must sign-off on this agreement before incentives will be conveyed.
  10. The business prospect must annually confirm compliance with terms of the BICA through submission of a Cobb County Economic Incentives compliance form.