Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-121.6. - Animals in motor vehicles.

Any person shall be in violation of this chapter who:

(1) Transports an animal in a pickup or other open vehicle unless the animal is either:

  • a. Fully enclosed within the vehicle.
  • b. Protected by a belt, halter, tether, cage, container or other device that will prevent the animal from falling, jumping or being thrown from the motor vehicle and that will protect the animal from harm.

(2) Leaves an animal in a parked vehicle when temperatures inside the vehicle may adversely affect the animal's health and welfare. When the conditions inside a parked vehicle constitute an imminent threat to the animal's health or safety, any animal left in a parked vehicle may be removed from that vehicle by CCAC, any law enforcement agency, or fire agency.

(3) Leaves an animal unrestrained or unattended in any parked open vehicle.

(4) Leaves an animal in any vehicle where it must stand, sit or lie on extremely hot or cold surfaces including but not limited to truck beds.

(Ord. of 5-24-05)