Cobb County Government

Job Training Program

The Cobb County 911 Training Division’s curriculum consists of a three phase program designed to meet the training needs of new employees and provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in their career.

Phase I consists of classroom training combined with observatory assignments in other departments that the call center interacts with. During this time the Trainee will obtain required certifications as well as receive hands-on call taking experience. The projected time frame for completing this phase of training is 5 weeks in class and 4 weeks of call-taking training.

Phase II features an on-the-job component in which the trainee will practice and develop affective cognitive and psychomotor skills associated with dispatching emergency responders as well as processing calls for service. The projected time frame for this phase of training is a minimum of 56 days with police dispatch and 7 days with fire.

Phase III is an independent phase as the trainee works without a Communications Training Officer (CTO). A Supervisor will monitor their performance to confirm they apply the knowledge and skills learned during the preceding phases. The projected time frame for this phase of training is a minimum of 14 days.

The Training Division also offers a mentor program for newly released trainees to assist them in the transition from trainee to Emergency Communications Officer.

The probationary period for an Emergency Communications Officer is 18 months. Once you have completed all phases of training you will be assigned to a shift and will move from an Emergency Communications Officer I to Emergency Communications Officer II with an increase in pay.