Cobb County Government

Probation Officers

Disclaimer: Do not send any of your sensitive information in an e-mail to your probation officer. All e-mails are subject to open records requests. Any information that you e-mail will be available to the public through open records. Once again do not include any personal, private, or sensitive information in e-mails to your probation officer.


Probation Officers    
Carla Barrows 770-528-1766
Breck Beasley 770-528-1756
Rachel Bohling 770-528-1568
Elizabeth Condrey (Supervisor) 770-528-1594
Mara Crocker 770-528-6994
Amy Fowler 770-528-1796
Jeffery Kite 770-528-1767
Lorenzo Joseph 770-528-1593
Janete Miranda (DUI Court) 770-528-1798
Faa'izah Muhammad 770-528-1730
Tami Nichelson (Chief Probation Officer) 770-528-1793
Justin Rowland 770-528-1598
Michelle White (Supervisor) 770-528-1792


Probation Aides
Paula Cannon (Assistant) 770-528-1596
Michelle Curtis (Assistant) 770-528-8007
Fredia Driscol (Assistant) 770-528-1778
Misty Mabry (Assistant) 770-528-1791
Lena Nelson (Assistant) 770-528-1597
Renee Watson (Assistant) 770-528-1737


This office only handles misdemeanor cases that have been sentenced in the Cobb County State Court. Find out where Probation Offices are in Cobb.

Disclaimer: All completed conditions of probation are subject to the approval of the Probation Officer. The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice.