Cobb County Government

Getting an Academic Common Market Form signed by a Judge


Students wishing to pursue study in uncommon programs not available within their home state may be able to take advantage of the Academic Common Market. This is a program whereby legal residents of 16 southern states can attend specified out-of-state graduate programs without paying out-of-state tuition.



  • The Academic Common Market Form (ACMF) is obtained by contacting the State Coordinator at 404-962-3081.
  • The ACMF must be completed and notarized prior to presenting the form to the Presiding Judge for signature.
  • Bring the completed and notarized ACMF to the chambers of the Superior Court Presiding Judge located on the 4th Floor, Cobb Superior Court South Building.
  • The student must appear in person and present the form along with their current driver’s license showing their address is in Cobb County, Georgia.
  • No appointment is necessary. However, the best times to present the completed ACMF to avoid a lengthy wait time are Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00-9:30am; 1:30-2:00pm; and 4:00-5:00pm

Please Note:

If you are applying for a liquor license and need a Certificate of Residency signed by a Judge, you must present the Certificate of Residency form to the Probate Judge located on the 1st Floor, Cobb Superior Court South Building.

The Superior Court Presiding Judge will not sign a Certificate of Residency/Domicile for any foreign national wishing to obtain a document establishing or proving Georgia residency status.