Cobb County Government

Crimes Against Property

Criminal Investigation Units

Each precinct is assigned a Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU). The CIU Commander reports to the Precinct Commander. The CIU assigned to each precinct is responsible for investigating the following:

  • Burglary - both residential and commercial
  • Theft - felony and misdemeanor, and incidents of shoplifting
  • Impersonating a Police Officer
  • Discharging of Firearms/No Injury
  • Entering Autos
  • Criminal Damage/Trespass
  • All other offenses involving property crimes



Auto Theft Unit

The Auto Theft Unit is located at Precinct 2 on Austell Road. This unit is responsible for investigating all vehicle thefts to include autos, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, and aircraft.



Pawn Enforcement Unit

The Pawn Enforcement Unit is located at Precinct 5 on Dallas Highway. This unit is responsible for investigating and regulating the following:

  • Regulation & Compliance of all pawn shops located within unincorporated Cobb.
  • Pawned stolen items including weapons.