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Cobb Commissioners approve the purchase of additional body cameras

(Marietta, GA Aug. 9, 2016) The Cobb County Board of Commissioners unanimously authorized the purchase of 100 additional body-worn cameras and server space for the Cobb County Police Department at today's Board of Commissioners meeting.

In efforts to build and enhance community trust and support, the Cobb County Police Department will purchase body cameras for uniform officers. The department currently has 133 body cameras in use. With the purchase of the additional body cameras, the police department will be 50 percent toward its goal of outfitting all 500 uniform officers with a body camera.

According to Cobb County Public Safety Director Sam Heaton, outfitting all uniform officers is the first phase and equipping all detectives with cameras will be final goal.

“Providing every officer with a body-worn camera is mutually beneficial for Cobb County law enforcement and the community. Our officers want them and the technology is a great tool in building public trust in our policing efforts,” Heaton said.

The total amount for the purchase of the additional body cameras with five charging docks for the police precincts is $106,607.10. The funding is available in the police department accountable equipment fiscal year 2016 operating budget. The additional server space and data storage required to store the video is $147,557.38, and will be funded by the False Alarm Reduction Unit and from the Police Department Camera Special Project Fund.

With the additional 100 body cameras, the police department expects an increase in related open record requests, video classification, cataloging, equipment issuance, retention schedule monitoring and additional storage for system maintenance will be required.
For more information, contact:

Sergeant Dana Pierce
Public Information Office

Sam Heaton, Director of Public Safety