Cobb County Government

2000 - 2009


Citizens Public Safety Academy

Format for the citizens Public Safety Academy was developed and the course was offered to the public. Eleven were accepted into the initial program on October 24, 2000.

Public Safety Explorers Program

The program policies and procedures were developed in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Guidelines. The public safety concept is unique and is the first of its kind nationally for Learning for Life. Orientation was held October 17, 2000 with approximately 30 interested youth in attendance with their parents. 23 applications were received for the program, which held its first meeting/training session on November 7, 2000.

Neighborhood Safety Commission

Public Safety has worked in a support role throughout the year with the Neighborhood Safety Commission in order to facilitate their efforts in community safety and quality of life.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs

The Directors Office and all units of Public Safety have supported and participated in the Drug and Alcohol Awareness conferences held this year at McEachern High School in the Spring and on November 3, 2000 (Fall) at Tapp Middle School.

Cumberland Police and Fire Facility

The new Cumberland Police and Fire Facility, which houses Police Precinct 3 and Fire Station 4 started operations. The grand opening ceremony was, held on May 6, 2000.

Emergency Vehicle Operations Training Course (EVOC)

This facility was completed and put into operation on July 28, 2000.

New COPE Office

In 2000 the new South Cobb recreation facility was completed on Six Flags Drive, and offices were established for COPE officers working in the area.

Police Memorial Statue

A statue honoring all Cobb County Police Officers killed in the line of duty was placed in the lobby of Police Headquarters. It stands guard at the entry way to the memorial gardens.

Armored Personnel Carrier

An Armored Personnel Carrier named Peacekeeper is accepted from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. This vehicle was completely refurbished and is now in service and utilized by the SWAT team during critical incidents.

Incident Command Vehicle

A fully equipped Incident Command Bus is purchased for use by Public

Safety as a command vehicle during major incidents. It contains all of the latest technology.

Improved SWAT Equipment and Weaponry

In 2000 state of the art ballistic body armor was purchased for all members of the SWAT Team. Additionally, 35 HKG36K and 6 HK MP5A3 weapons were purchased.

Oleoresin Capsicum

The Police Department provided all sworn officers with OC spray to be utilized as an intermediate force weapon. Training on the use of this tool was completed by years end.

National Accreditation for Police Department

The National Accreditation process was begun with a review of current polices, procedures, and a study of the impact to current operations. Sergeant Drew Marchetta was named the National Accreditation manager.

Activation of the Police Officer III Program

In December 1999 the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved an additional 12 Police Officer III positions bringing the total authorized number to 74.

SWAT Team Personnel Increase

During 2000 the Board Of Commissioners authorized 17 additional specialty pay positions for the SWAT team bringing the total number of SWAT officers to 35.




West Cobb Police and Fire Facility

The new West Cobb Police and Fire Facility which houses Police Precinct 3 and Fire Station 4 starts operations on January 7, 2001. Major R.W. Green is the first commander.

Neighborhood Safety Commission

Continued to support and facilitate to efforts of the Neighborhood Safety Commission in its efforts to promote safety awareness within the community.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs

Continued our active participation in the drug and alcohol awareness programs in the schools of Cobb County.

Increase Visibility and Response Times

With the opening of the West Cobb Police and Fire facility we were able to decrease the beat size in the western portion of the county and reduce our response times to requests for services.

National Accreditation for Police Department

We formally contracted with the CALEA association to enroll in the national accreditation program.

Additional Police Officers

Cobb hired an additional 21 police officers positions for staffing of the new West Cobb Police precinct.

Police Memorial

The Police Memorial Gardens were dedicated on August 24th to honor officers killed in the line of duty. The gardens were made possible by private donations.

Police Museum

A Cobb County Police Museum was opened in the lobby of the headquarters facility.




CAGE Unit formed. (Cobb Anti Gang Enforcement Unit)

J.D. Arrowood retires as Director of Public Safety.




G.M. Lloyd becomes Director of Public Safety.




A new Crisis Negotiations Team vehicle was placed in service in December of 2004.

The Department greatly improved the processing of property from the Property and Evidence Unit as a direct result of the increased staffing completed in the Fall of 2004.




Department receives National Accreditation at banquet in Birmingham Alabama on March 19, 2005.

The Department received approval for ten (10) additional Patrol Officer positions in October of 2005.

The Department increased staffing for the Cobb Anit-Gang Enforcement Unit with the addition of eight officers in September of 2005.

The Department completed a strategic re-allocation of uniformed personnel within the precincts for the enhancement of specific crime reduction initiatives in July of 2005.

A new Bomb Team vehicle and trailer was placed into service in March of 2005.

Patrol rifles were issued to field personnel in January of 2005.




The department received approval for ten new positions in October 2006. Eight Police Officer II’s and Two Sergeants.

The department received approval to replace all of the primary Glock Weapons carried by officers in the field due to age in October 2006.

In the fall of 2006 the department implemented a successful Police E-Mail Notification System (PENS) program in which homeowners and business owners are advised of crime trends, suspect lookouts and other important information from their local precincts via e-mail.




The department received approval for twelve (12) new positions in October 2007. Nine Police Officer II’s, Two Sergeants and One Lieutenant.

The department has filled four (4) Captain Positions for the restructuring of middle command staff since September 24, 2006.

A Vehicle Processing Shed was created in the Headquarters Complex in September 2007. This facility will be used for identifying and securing items of evidence from vehicles and allow evidence to be protected in a climate controlled area.

The Department was awarded the Georgia State Law Enforcement Certification in May of 2007 by the Georgia Association of Chief’s of Police.

Implemented COBBSTAT anti-crime management program designed to provide a greater level of control, efficiency and accountability of the departments operation resources in April 2007.

In February 2007 the Crime Data Analysis Unit moved to larger working space in the Headquarters Complex. A Crime Analyst was added to bring the unit strength to a total of three analysts.

Implemented a Quality of Life unit in January 2007 which works with the Cobb Code Enforcement Unit to identify enforcement and revitalization initiatives.




Tactical Services Response Vehicle

The Cobb County Police Department in conjunction with the Federal government's 1033 surplus equipment program was able to add a new tactical response vehicle to its tactical unit. The vehicle is a LAV 300 which came from Fort Polk, Louisiana and has a value of over $500,000. The police department has taken the vehicle and made $51,000 worth of modifications to prepare it for police duty. The vehicle is equipped with a breaching tool to be used for entry into any building, safety cameras to assist with its maneuverability and a FLIR system to assist with locating suspects in darkness. The vehicle is assigned to the police department's SWAT Team and will be used in any tactical situation that requires transport of SWAT personnel and equipment to help end a conflict.

Quality of Life / Code Enforcement Unit and VIPER Unit

The Cobb Police Department has added a new facility in South Cobb to house the Quality of Life / Code Enforcement Unit and VIPER Unit (Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response Unit). The facility was renovated to make it useable for police purposes. This new facility will open on November 1st and the approximate cost of the project is $100,000.

State of Georgia (GEMA) Contribution

The Cobb County Police Department was selected by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) to receive an infrared camera system (FLIR) to be used for locating suspects that attempt to elude law enforcement and to help in the search of anyone that is lost or in need of medical assistance. The FLIR unit was provided through the GEMA 1033 surplus equipment program. The value of this particular FLIR unit is approximately $50,000.

Three additional FLIR units were also obtained by the police department. These units were smaller and more portable. The cost of these was $10,000 a piece.

New Replacement Patrol Vehicles

The Cobb County Police Department updated its patrol fleet with the replacement of forty-one Ford Crown Victoria police cars. These vehicles were used to replace some of the older police units. The police fleet also added four new Dodge Chargers which are primarily used in the Traffic Services Unit.

Personnel Positions

In March, 2008, Deputy Chief Mull retired from the Cobb Police Department after forty-two years of service. During that same month, Major Houser was promoted to Deputy Chief to fill retired Deputy Chief Mull's position within the department.

Also, on October 6th, Officer Anibal E. Lopez was awarded the "Officer of the Year" award from the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. Officer Lopez was selected by a committee of law enforcement professionals and business leaders within Cobb County. He was recognized for his contribution to the police department and the growing Hispanic community within Cobb County. Officer Lopez is currently assigned to the 4th precinct which is located in East Cobb.


The Cobb Police Department was awarded “re-accreditation” through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The purpose of CALEA’s Accreditation Programs is to improve the delivery of public safety services, primarily by: maintaining a body of standards, developed by public safety practitioners, covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives; establishing and administering an accreditation process; and recognizing professional excellence. This was the department's first re-accreditation since its initial accreditation in 2004. The re-accreditation award was presented in March, 2008 at the CALEA Conference in Atlanta.

New Technology

The department continues updating the Mobile Data Terminals for the patrol fleet with the change-out of thirty in-car computer laptops. The cost of this project was $127,710.

The department has also continued to upgrade the patrol vehicle's video cameras with “digital” technology. This effort was started in July of 2007 with the equipment being installed in vehicles assigned to the Traffic Services Unit and Precinct 3. It was continued in 2008 with the equipment being installed in the patrol units assigned to Precinct 2. Precinct 1 will start receiving the next digital video systems during the latter part of 2008. A total of thirty-four, MPH Trueview Digital Mobile Video Systems are scheduled to be installed. The cost for this equipment was $125,785.

The department has also begun the process of searching for a new Records Management System. This new RMS system will further the capability of our officers to obtain timely information. The cost of this project is not known at this time.

Community Outreach

The Cobb Police Department has continued its efforts with a successful PENS (Police E-Mail Notification System) program where homeowners and business owners are advised of crime trends, suspect lookouts, and other important information from their local police precinct via e-mail. The project has further improved police department and community information flow and relations. The PENS program has been expanded into all five Cobb Police precincts and is considered a valuable tool of information by the citizens that use it.




Burglary Apprehension Team

The Burglary Apprehension Team was formed to address the rise in property crimes. The teams mission is to target areas that have high incidents of burglaries and implement enforcement and prevention methods to lower the rate. Plainclothes and Uniform Officers are used to identify and arrest suspects.


Funds from an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice were used to purchase 100 taser electronic control devices and all sworn officers attended mandatory training in its use. Tasers help reduce injuries to both officers and suspects and in some cases the mere presence of a taser has been an effective deterrent to physical confrontation.

Resource Sharing

Always striving to help our neighbors, Cobb continues to share it Emergency Vehicle Operations Course and Firing Range with other jurisdictions that do not have facilities.

False Alarm Ordinance

The new False Alarm Ordinance went into effect this year and has reduced the false alarms by 28 percent. Fewer false alarms enhance the delivery of police services by increasing proactive patrol and reducing fuel consumption. The False Alarm Unit is self-supportive and does not sue taxpayer funding for operational costs.


Two new K-9 dogs, Robbie & Cato, were acquired this year to replace retiring dogs. A new K-9 vehicle will be purchased with grant funds to provide rapid response of the bomb-detecting K-9 team within Cobb and surrounding areas.

Reserve Police Officer Program

In September the Board of Commissioners approved the Reserve Police Officer Program which allows retired Cobb police officers to return to the department in a volunteer capacity. The reserve officers assist with necessary, yet time consuming, administrative details. As a cost-effective alternative to hiring more personnel, reserve officers relieve this burden and keep more patrol officers on the streets.