Cobb County Government

Commission lowers millage rate

Cobb Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on a plan to reduce property taxes recently. This vote was the first step in a five-year effort to reduce the general fund portion of property taxes back to pre-recession levels.

The millage rate will be reduced from 7.72 to 7.52 mills. Current estimates call for a .20 decrease each year during the next four years and a .10 decrease in the fifth year. Cobb has been able to keep expenses as low as possible, while also providing needed services to the public.

Overall, expenses are down by $12.5 million across several areas: $4.3 million in unfilled vacancies and reductions in part-time hours, $2.9 million in reduced transit and solid waste subsidies, $2.9 million in operational, capital and debt savings and $2.4 million in reduced health care expenditures.

Going forward, $10.1 million of surplus funds will be used to start the process of systematically lowering the county’s millage rate, pay off outstanding debt and set aside $2.6 million as a buffer during these tough economic times.