Cobb County Government


Resolution establishing and creating the Cobb County Community Relations Council


  1. Short Title
  2. Purpose
  3. Community Relations Council; Status, Powers and Objectives
  4. Composition; Appointment Terms of Members
  5. Community Relations Council Organization and Operation



Section 1: Short Title

This article shall be known and may be cited and referred to as "The Cobb County Community Relations Council".



Section 2: Purpose

Whereas, the purpose of the Cobb County Community Relations Council shall be to cultivate and encourage unity, to study, review, and formulate strategies to help alleviate problems concerning the residents of Cobb County, and to pursue efforts to improve community relations among all citizens of Cobb County; and

Whereas, the denial of rights by reason of race, religion, color,. national origin, ancestry, sex, age, or handicap is contrary to the principles of freedom and equality of opportunity and is destructive to a free and democratic society; and

Whereas, the Community Relations Council is encouraged to pursue issues it deems to be of priority concern within the community. At the same time the emphasis on the mission of the Council is to identify and promote solutions that involve working within the system in a non-confrontational manner. In this sense, the functioning of this group should remain removed as much as possible from politics and political motivations; and

Whereas, the organization should serve as a catalyst and forum for communication among the various parts of the community. Emphasis is placed on providing low income, ethnic, disabled and other disadvantaged groups and individuals appropriate assistance and support which may be available in the community now or in the future;

Now, therefore, be it resolved, by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, this 9th day of October, 1989, that the Cobb County Community Relations Council is hereby constituted and shall operate under the following provisions:



Section 3: Cobb County Community Relations Council Continued; Status, Powers, Objectives

  1. The Council shall encourage and endeavor to bring about mutual understanding and respect among all racial, religious, ethnic groups,, and special populations, including the mentally and physically disabled, within Cobb County; and
  2. To enlist the cooperation of community, religious, professional, civic, labor and business organizations and other identifiable groups within Cobb County. in programs and campaigns devoted to the advancement of tolerance and understanding; and
  3. To cooperate with the Federal, State, County, City, and other government and private agencies in the interest of equal opportunity and protection of all; and
  4. To hold and conduct public and private forums at such times and places around the county as may be practical on matters and questions before the Council; and
  5. To prepare a written report on its work, functions, and services annually and periodically to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners; and
  6. To recommend to the Cobb County Commission procedures, practices, and/or legislation in matters and questions affecting human relations in Cobb County; and
  7. To adopt procedures as necessary to govern the proceeding of the Community Relations Council and to conduct its meetings accordingly; and
  8. To do all other acts and deeds necessary and proper to carry out and accomplish effectively the objectives, functions and services contemplated by the provisions of this article; and
  9. To perform studies and conduct research, when applicable, on Human Relations in Cobb County, and to foster goodwill among the citizens of the County.



Section 4: Composition; Appointment; Terms of Members

4.1 The Community Relations Council shall be composed of 21 members, all residents of Cobb County, to serve without compensation. Emphasis shall be placed on obtaining a diverse group insofar as political party, race, religion, economic status type of employment, age sex, national origin or special population is concerned. Initially, a slate of 21 nominees shall be submitted by County staff for consideration and ratifications of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.

4.2 Members of the Community Relations Council shall be appointed for terms of two years, except that the 21 members first appointed shall be appointed for terms of one year and two years respectively. Ten of the members shall be appointed to terms of one year each, and until -their successors are appointed; eleven of the members shall be appointed to terms of two years each, and until their successors are appointed. After initial appointments have been served, appointed terms shall be two years each in duration. Members shall be eligible for reappointment.

4.3 The Chairman of the Community Relations Council shall be elected from among its members who will serve a two year terms.

4.4 Other officers shall be established and filled as prescribed under by-laws established by the Community Relations Council.

4.5 The Community Relations Council shall, further, establish under its by-laws a standard of participation and attendance which shall govern its members and provide a basis for certification of vacancies by the Chairman due to the failure of individual members to adhere to the standard. Upon a determination of a vacancy by the Chairman, the Council shall, with the input of appropriate staff persons, recommend to the Board of Commissioners a nominee to fill any vacancy. The Board of Commissioners will either accept or reject the CRC Chairman's certification of vacancy, and, upon acceptance thereof, consider the recommended appointment of the CRC and, or other appointment to fill such vacancy.



Section 5: Commission Organization and Operation

5.1 As soon as practical, the Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners shall call a meeting of the Community Relations Council to be convened at the Cobb County Administrative Building.

5.2 Eleven members of the Council, including the Chairman or Vice Chairman shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Regular meetings of the Community Relations Council shall be conducted at least once a month and shall be scheduled at times agreed by the members. Minutes of its meetings shall be kept by its recording secretary.

5.3 The Chairman of the Community Relations Council shall call special meetings of the Community Relations Council as may be necessary.

5.4 The Community Relations Council shall have use of facilities at the County Administration Building and hold other meetings during the year at such times and places within the County as may be found necessary.

5.5 The staff of the various departments of County government shall be available to provide assistance as may be necessary for the proper support and functioning of the Community Relations Council.