Cobb County Government


Chapter 106 of Cobb County Code

Railroads Section

Utility Permitting Application and Information Package Updated January 2011

Utility Accomodation Policy and Standards 2009

Revised Georgia Dig Law



Chapter 106 of the Official Code of Cobb County Georgia requires all utilities desiring to locate their facilities in Cobb County rights of way to obtain a permit from the Cobb County Department of Transportation ("the Department"). The purpose of these procedures is to establish the policy and the standards of the Department for accommodation of utilities within the County's rights of way, to provide a basis for planning of utility installations and to establish procedures for the issuance of permits by the Department. It is the policy of the Department and the Board of Commissioners that no utility may occupy the county rights of way unless sufficient space is available so that the free flow and safety of traffic is not unduly impaired and the utility installation does not prevent the Department from reasonably maintaining the roadways, structures, traffic control devices and other appurtenant facilities, and that maintenance and operations of the utility do not jeopardize the traffic, road structures or the maintenance thereof.

In keeping with these objectives, the following procedures are to be followed as interpreting and supplementing the current edition of the Georgia Department of Transportation's Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards ("the State's policy") manual. In the event of conflict between these procedures and the State's policy, the least restrictive provision shall apply.